Fans are upset with Rajasthan Royal’s attention-seeking prank

Rajasthan Royals were in the news recently after their social media team posted a funny image of their captain Sanju Samson. Samson’s tweet suggested that he wasn’t amused at the funny image that the social media team had posted and said that they should be professional.

Soon the franchise announced that they had fired the social media team upon receiving a complaint from their captain. They posted a video where the social media team was asking for help from players like Buttler and Ashwin, but they refused to do so. Ashwin went on to say that “If you cross the line, you have to pay for that”. The video ends with the team leaving the RR camp.

On Friday morning, Rajasthan royals posted a video where they are seen auditioning people for the new admin role. After auditioning several people, none seemed appropriate, which is when they decide to call their old social media admin back. The video suggested that the whole drama of the social media team getting ousted for sharing Samson’s funny image was a prank.

Fans however are not amused, with some calling it cheap publicity and attention-seeking. A fan went on to share a meme that says “Trophy jeeti ni jati , prank karwa in se …”

Official social media handles of all teams are followed by millions of fans and something in bad taste can irke the fans which is what we have seen from this episode. It does appear that the RR franchise wanted to pull off an attention-seeking video in order to engage more with the fans.

Rajasthan Royals over the years have been one of the inconsistent teams in the IPL. They were able to win the inaugural edition of the tournament back in 2008 under the leadership of Shane Warne. The Royals will begin their outing against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Pune.

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