Dad 80th Birthday wishes – Father 80th Birthday Msgs

You have been one hell of an awesome Dad in all these years. You gave us more than what we deserved. Happy 80th Birthday father.

It is true that we did some amazing deeds in our previous life which is why the divine bestowed us with a Dad like you. May you always be our dad in next lifetimes. Happy 80th Birthday to Dad.

When the divine wants to create a gorgeous, handsome and charming man, he takes into the references of my Dad. May you always be like this daddy. Happy 80th Birthday.

Dad’s scolding and criticism has been instrumental in shaping our lives for success. The world would be so much nicer, cooperative and cheerful if there would be more men like my Dad.

You may not be more outspoken to display love and affection on us but we know how deeply you love and adore your children. May the divine bless you with loads of happiness daddy.

The definition of enthusiasm is Dad who is always illuminating our lives with his presence. You are the best father any child could ever have.

You may have turned eighty but life has plenty to unfold happiness, joy and prosperity. Happy Birthday Father!

Nothing is more encouraging for a daughter than to have a father like you. You may be in your eighties now but still the ever-handsome. Happy 80th Birthday father.

Life is joyous, cheerful and blissful because your umbrella of love, care and respect has always been there upon us. May it always be like this. Happy Birthday Daddy.

We may not have seen God but we have seen a bigger than life entity and that’s our dear Dad. We wish we be your children for the eternity.

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