50+ Happiest birthday wishes For everyone

We all want to send the loveliest wishes to our dear friends, relatives and loved ones. While there is no such thing as happiest, we can always try our level best to give make our birthday recipient happiest by reading our wishes. And this post is a sincere attempt for that only. We have prepared some of the awesome wishes of happiest birthday for our readers. These wishes are applicable to almost all your friends and relatives. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

Life has been happiest and abundant for me ever since you have come into my life. May every individual on Earth gets a person like you. Happy Birthday!

I am not only sending you the happiest wishes of birthday but also a finest gift, along with the invoice too. Hahah. I hope this message invoke a laughter from you 😀

Your charm, vigor and exuberance is unparalleled and it only brings a smile on the other person’s face. May there be more person like you in this world.

You may be going through a tough time for now, but keep the faith and continue moving, because persistence is always rewarded in the end. Happy Birthday to you!

While we may have certain disagreements and banters in the recent times, know that my love, respect and admiration will always be there for you and I am sure of the same from you too. Happiest birthday dear!

My words may not loud all the time but my heart always broadcast for the well-being and happiest moments in your life. I wish you immense success in your personal and professional endeavors. Happy Birthday to you!

Your proximity to my heart is more than enough to make me forgot about all the stress of the day. And needless to say, you deserve all the hugs, wishes, kisses, gifts and what not on your birthday. Cheers to our bond and a very happy birthday to you!

The world would thrive and become its happiest each and every day, if there were more people like you in this world. A very happy birthday to you dear!

Its easy to have a gorgeous face and an selfish- mean personality. Thankfully, you are not only beautiful from outside but also from the inside. Happy Birthday to you dear!

The heart craves and yearns for your happiest moments. And owing to you, I have witnessed the craziest moments. May all your dreams come into fruition. Happy Birthday dear!

Happiest and Funny birthday wishes


You are not only the most jolly person but also the one with hilarious fart and snores. People like you are certainly very rare. 😀 Happy Birthday to you dear!

Very few are the the men in this world who can pull my legs and still not a get a straight kick to their behind. You are certainly one of them, so feel lucky.:D

Understanding the phenomena of gravity and ageing is not difficult, especially when your friend demonstrates it for you over the years.

The moment I feel like having a stomach ache laughter, I simply look at your weird pics.

I am not only happy for your birthday but also because you will taking me to an amazing wine and dine. I hope you take me to a nice and expensive place tonight.

Over the years, I have realized that the best pleasures in life comes from pulling your legs. May it continues forever.

In order to count the no. of happiest moments in your life, one can simply count the no. of wrinkles on my face. Hahaha!

Your criticisms have only made me stronger and determined in life. I would not have worked my a** off without them. So thank you dear for your amazing contribution. Hahah!

More age does not bring more wisdom but also a funny, weird look.

People do become mighty attractive even after their growing up. I can certainly say that after seeing you. There is indeed justice in this world. Happy Birthday!

Its a myth that more age equates to more wisdom. Do you really want to see the proof? Just check out the one reading this message. Happy Birthday to you by the way!

I have seen all of your desires become true, in your dreams. I think its now time you start to bring them into fruition for good.

Life only gives us limited chance to befriend the right people. And you have certainly did an amazing job in befriending the one who is writing you this wonderful message. Happy birthday!

There is a saying that a woman is always behind a man’s success. May be that is true but it is also certain that she is the reason for so many headaches and stress too.

There are times when Wisdom can also spiral down with increase of age. I have witnessed it and you immense contribution towards it. Hahaha!

Not only the hearts and soul but it seems our wallets are also connected to each other. You make me spend more on you than I do to you. Happy Birthday dear!

We may fight and pull out hairs of each other’s, but I am sure that we will be able to bear each other for eternity. Happy Birthday!

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