Former England cricketer doesn’t agree with Sachin Tendulkar on this issue

Former England Cricketer Nick Compton while speaking to Skysports was asked about Tendulkar’s opinion where he stated that the rule must be changed if the ball edges the wicket just like it happened in the ongoing 4th Ashes test. Cameron Greene managed to get the ball hit the stumps of Stokes but the bails were not dislodged. Although the umpire gave the batsman out, it was reversed by the third umpire when Stokes opted for the review. Tendulkar opined that the batsman should be given out in such cases.

The presenter during the program mentioned Tendulkar’s opinion for a rule change in favor of bowlers to which the former England captain did not agree to. According to Nick, “No. I don’t. I think the bails are there for a reason and if they don’t come off, then they don’t come off. It’s part of the history, its part of the game. You start changing that, you start changing everything. Technology is coming more and more in every sport including cricket but I will argue that its not always for the better “

Sachin raised a question about the rule change and tagged Shane Warne on Twitter. During the Fox Sports program in the ongoing 4th Ashes test, Warne did mention that its something to discuss. However, the highest wicket-taker for Australia in tests pointed out “Yes, it’s a discussion point. But I think the bails should be dislodged.”

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