Former players who support and are against Langer’s coaching extension

Cricket is a funny game. While at times, it may leave you out embarrassed after your side loses back to back series against India at the home soil and at other times, you get to win your maiden T20 victory followed by Ashes demolition under a new captain. That is exactly what has happened with the Australian Cricket Team.

It seemed that Langer would have been content with his achievement in four years and would have walked out of coaching but the current coach is keen to extend his contract and is in no mood to settle for short-term deals. Now, former cricketers have come in support of Langer and some have suggested him to walk away from the role on a high.

Michael Vaughan has rooted for Langer continuing on as the coach and said that results are everything.

Damien Martyn, who shared the dressing room several times with Langer, backed him to get the coaching extension and even conducted a poll on Twitter where the majority of people wanted Langer to be reappointed as the head coach of the Australian cricket team.

However, former coach Darren Lehmann suggested that it is the right time for Langer to leave the role on a high.

“If I was him I’d walk away actually. Four years, out on a high. Perfect,” Lehmann said in January

Lehmann resigned from the coaching role in 2018 after the sandpaper scandal. There were reports back then that Lehmann was forced to resign as he was aware about the tactics that the Australians were using to tamper the ball.

Former Australian captain Mark Taylor is of the view that Langer was brought in to inject some discipline in the side and that it appears that the coach has done it and now is the time to depart.

“”I suspect with Justin Langer that when he was given the job in 2018 on the back of what happened in Cape Town, it was seen at that time as, ‘OK, you’re the guy we need for now to bring back discipline into the side’,” Taylor had said earlier.”

The Australian Press are keeping their eyes on current Australian players who will come out in support of Langer and so far, no senior player has endorsed the extension of Langer, at least publicly. The friction between the senior players and Langer emerged after the loss of home series against a depleted Indian side. It was reported back then Langer’s hyper-competitive environment and mood swing wasn’t appreciated by many players.

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