Happy 32nd Birthday Funny | Humorous Wishes

32 years ago, a wonderful guy came into this world screaming while the rest of us were rejoicing his arrival. May you be happy, healthy, and hearty for always. Happy 32nd birthday dear.

When the almighty wants to create a handsome boy, he considers the reference of my brother. Happy thirty second birthday to you.

On this birthday, we may find difficult to find a cake which will accommodate 32 candles. Wishing you luck and love for your endeavors. Happy Birthday.

Where there is a will, a way always comes up. So find a way to book a party in the most renowned pub of the town tonight on the occasion of your birthday.

There is another level of happiness when one gets to enjoy the birthdays of others, as the food seems more delicious, and the beer tastes better. May your birthday comes everyday my friend. Happy 32nd birthday

Your thirty second birthday deserves some nice gifts and therefore your good friend is sending plenty of them to you, along with their invoices too. Please keep the change ready for the delivery person. Happy Birthday.

Welcome to the age of 32. From now, you will experience gain in wisdom and intellect but if you can also remember when was the last time you did it, then that would be a bonus.

Legends have rightly said that if it ain’t light at the end of the tunnel, then switch on the light of your smartphone and move forward. Happy 32nd birthday.

A wise man had once said that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, to the friend for help. Happy thirty second birthday to you.

You are entering an era where you are not young but you are not old either. Welcome to the transient age. Happy 32nd birthday.

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