Funny 50th Birthday Wishes | Hilarious and heartwarming

You have finally reached the age of 50. Congratulations on it. Sending you lots of love and luck. But I know that you are waiting just for your gifts. Happy 50th birthday!

When the divine wants to create a crazy, funny, and kind-hearted individual, he takes your DNA for reference. May there be more like you in this world. A very happy 50th birthday to you. May you achieve the unthinkable.

On this fiftieth birthday of yours, I am sending you lots of special gifts along with the invoice too. May you keep the change ready for the cash on the delivery guy.

Legends used to say that wait till you turn 50 and then you will see it. I have turned fifty and still haven’t seen anything.

Fifty Funny Birthday Wishes for the Husband

At age fifty, you still are the adorable, cute husband that I married. May you always be like that. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

It will be a task to find a mammoth cake for you not because you are so fond of them but because of needing to place the candles on them.

A legend has rightly said that growing old and growing wiser are two different things. And I don’t have too much to complain about. Happy 50th birthday to the darling husband.

Dear Husband! It may be your birthday! But we know for whom we will be doing all the shopping. Happy Birthday by the way.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, to the wifey for help. Happy Birthday dear husband!

You have taught me the secret of staying young forever by lying through the teeth. Happy fiftieth birthday to you darling!

You may have turned fifty but you still look like you are in your thirties. May every woman gets a husband like you. Happy 50th birthday.

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