Hilarious 52nd Birthday Quotes Msgs & Wishes | Super Funny

A very Happy Birthday to the gorgeous girl who still reflects a look of the twenties. May the divine keep you blessed with such a look for eternity.

With every passing year, you are turning more gorgeous and charming. May you spill the secret on this to me on this birthday. Happy 52nd birthday to you!

Congratulations on turning into an age where you will discover new skills of learning, farting, and sneezing all at the same time.

Happiness is sending the best gifts to your friend on their birthday along with their invoices.

It is the day where we are going to gorge on food like a pig. May you arrange for fine wine and dine tonight.

You are entering into an era where you can get away from committing any mistake by excusing what you forgot.

It ain’t an easy feat to stay young and charming throughout the years but you have done it successfully by lying through the teeth. May you continue to do it for eternity. Happy Birthday

Legends have rightly said that where there is a will, there is a way. The correct version is where there is a friend like me, a way is always guaranteed. Happy Birthday!

Some people have been really lucky in their lives because the divine blessed them with a precious friend. Like he bestowed an individual like me to you.

May the divine bestow every person with a friend like you, with whom one can borrow the money and never worry about returning it. Kidding!

Some of the happiest moments of my life have come when I pull your legs. I wish you will not mind it me doing it over and over again for eternity.

There have been numerous occasions where you have made me laugh like an idiot. Thanks for such stomach-aching laughter. May everyone gets a friend like you. Happy 52nd birthday.

Someone has rightly said that life truly begins in the fifties.

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