Funny 70th birthday quotes – 70th Happy Birthday Funny

You may have turned 70th but you still have the swag of a 25 year old man. May it always be like this. Awesome 70th Birthday!

You are the most charming 70 year I have ever seen. May the world be full of amazing people like you. A very happy 70th birthday.

Praying that you take this 70th birthday easy upon yourself. We don’t want you to faint while blowing out all the candles.

It would be hard to find out a cake that will be able to hold all the 70 birthday candles. Will try my best though!

A special 70 year old deserves an equally special gift. We are sending a ton of it to you, along with the invoice too. Please keep the change ready.

You have come into the decade where a queue outside the doctor will seem like a mile one.

Now that you are into your seventies, you will realize how good it feels to laugh, sneeze and fart at the same time.

Life keeps becoming better with every passing year and you are the living proof of it.

A wise man has rightly said that the older you get, the better it becomes, unless of course you are a banana.

Tonight is the night when you will remember the wild nostalgia of your wild birthday celebrations. May you not try to repeat it tonight.

A star was born seventy years ago which is still illuminating our life with the wisdom, happiness and amazing smile. May you always be like that.

Welcome to the new decade. If you don’ know, then 70 is 21 Celsius. So happy 70th Birthday to you dear!

The best secret to always staying young and charming is by lying through the teeth. Welcome to the seventies. You are atleast far from eighty.

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