Funny 80th Birthday Wishes | Hilarious but heartwarming

Happy 80th birthday to my pumpkin. You may have turned 80 but you are still adorable as when I married you. May you be my wife for eternity.

You have been on a long road of getting wiser and I must say that you have done really great. May the trend stays the same. Happy 80th birthday.

When one becomes 80 years old, the ability to laugh and fart together comes naturally. Isn’t it dear? Happy Birthday to you!

When the going gets tough for the husband, the husband gets going to the wifey for the dear help. I am the little savior of my darling husband and I am sure as proud as anything for it. Happy Birthday

When a significant budget of the birthday goes into buying a whooping cake and a large no. of candles, then you better get younger or stop celebrating the birthday itself.

Happiness is seeing you becoming more and more intelligent and full of wisdom even if it’s at the age of 80. I wish all men in the world be like you.

Dear Wifey! The birthday may be of mine but I know for whom we will do all the shopping. Happy Birthday to me though!

Eight is a weird age since one can remember all the things about childhood but nothing about the place where one kept his underwear.

Today on my birthday, I pray to God that you don’t pass out while blowing out all the candles. Happy eightieth birthday to you my sweetheart!

A wise man had rightly said that at age 80, three things happen, the memory goes first, and the other two I am unable to remember. Happy eightieth birthday my dear!

I thought miracles don’t happen but they do. Completing the 80 years is a miracle in itself.

Legends have rightly said that it is never too old to grow up, even if it is at the age of eighty. Happy Birthday to you.

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