100+ Funny birthday wishes for childhood friend

The best thing about childhood buddies is that they are like a condom. They handle the rough up and down but don’t get worn out ever. Glad to have you with me. Kudos to our childhood friendship and Happy Birthday!

May our childhood friendship be a testament to the whole world that for having a gala time, one may also have to bear the farts and snores of their childhood friend. 😀 Happy Birthday!

A childhood friend usually does not get inspired by motivation quotes. They get inspired by a straight, wild kick to their behind. May you propel to hard work this year of life. Happy Birthday!

You have grown wise, intelligent over the years my childhood buddy. Must say you are turning into a Swan too with every passing year 😀 May the trend continues forever. Happy Birthday my childhood friend!

I am sending you a nice perfect gift on your birthday, along with the invoice too. Please pay it on time and a very happy birthday to you!

When I think of another level on insanity, my childhood friend comes to my mind. Happy Birthday dear! May you surpass your own expectations of success.

When I need to rejuvenate myself, I always look at your funny childhood pics. I am sure you do the same too 😀 A very happy birthday to you!

Over the years, we have realized that it is only the first 100 years, that men are like dogs. But we will probably be the same in our next lives too.

Its been a gazillion times that I have saved your behind from the likes of your parents, school teachers, headmasters, girlfriends and what not. Needless, your childhood friend certainly deserves a king-size treatment today. Happy Birthday!

Childhood friend hilarious funny birthday wishes


Happy birthday to my childhood friend! Its a skill to look drop dead gorgeous on one day and a total hideous on the other. But that’s the way we both are. Hahaha! A very happy birthday to you!

You are not only a great childhood friend of mine, but also a great punching bag over the years. Happy Birthday!

Today is the day when you can sorry to me by giving me a nice party for your leg pulling ever since our childhood. Happy Birthday!

Over the years, I have accumulated a lot more wild fantasies and dirty secrets about you than you have about me. May it stays this way forever! Happy Birthday!

Its been my observation that my ankle feels really nice and soothing if it comes into contact with your bum. But I guess today my childhood buddy will wine and dine me :D. So a very happy birthday to you!

My dear friend from the ages. Its not that you read slowly and comprehend a lot. It is actually that you are a slow learner. May you grasp the reality. 😀 But a very happy birthday to you!

Its amazing that your friendship can be sweeter than the stevia. Don’t smile with your teeth out because it can be sour too than the lemon 😀 Hahah!! Happy Birthday!

You have accomplished a great feat from childhood that no one has ever done i.e. to absorb my tantrums and craziness. But God bless our friendship. Happy Birthday dear!

Ever since your childhood, you have accomplished all of your desires, in your dreams ! Now I guess its time to bring them into reality. Happy Birthday dear!

Over the years, I have realized from childhood that wisdom not only increases but also spirals down for some 😀 I hope you are getting what I am trying to say. But an awesome birthday to a wonderful individual.

Stomach aching funny wishes for childhood friend

Its good to have a childhood friend with whom we can borrow money without shame and never think about returning it. I am so proud to have you as one : D May you live long with loads of money! Happy Birthday!

My dear childhood gorgeous friend. If there is one thing that I have learnt from you, it is the way to get over any man, by getting under another.

Your fart is the perfect mosquito repellent that can send the mosquitoes to heaven. Please get it patented, be a billionaire and share some with me. Happy Birthday!

If being handsome and charming was a crime in this world, my childhood buddy would have been roaming freely in the streets. Don’t worry dear! I would probably be there too by your side 😀 Happy Birthday!

God bless Zuckerberg’s FB and Google who provide amazing childhood hilarious birthday wishes for free. Copy pasting this one to you. Happy Birthday awesome!

The concept of gravity and ageing are not so difficult to understand especially when one observes it by looking at their childhood buddies. Thank you dear for the demonstration. Happy Birthday!

Since the teen age, your age seems stuck! It is because you were given the fountain of youth in your childhood, which is lying through the teeth of course. Happy Birthday!

My dear childhood friend is turning into a gorgeous woman with every passing year. But I get this realization only after gulping down 2 glasses of wine. Happy Birthday by the way!

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