50+ Funny, Unique & Cute Good Morning Wishes

Nothing can be a good way than to wake your friend with Funny Good morning messages. They are nice to read in the morning and bring laughter which everyone loves. Be it your friends, relatives, or spouse, you can say or send such hilarious morning messages to them. There are images too in this post.

Sometimes we don’t need an Alarm clock but a straight wild kick on our behind to jolt us from sleep.

Legends have rightly said it that when the going gets tough, the tough goes to sleep. 🤣 Kidding dear! Good Morning and have a bright day today.

If I had all the money in the world, I would still be sleeping all day. Some god gifted abilities should never be changed.

After waking up, its nice to think of someone who brings a smile on our face. So when you wake up, think about me. Good Morning

Do you know why a popcorn bounces on the hot pan??? Well, dear, try sitting with your *** on the hot pan and you will get the answer 😀 Good Morning to you and Keep Smiling always!

It is not fair that determined people like you wake up early and get so much done till the time the likes of me are done with yawning. But I cannot be angry with a sweet person like you.

For the world, the morning starts at 6 but for you it starts at 12 p.m. Happy late morning and early afternoon to you.

There is nothing wrong in being rich, smart, and damn handsome at the same time. That’s what dreams allow us to do.👌

I may dream pampering love on you but the day time will always be about pulling leg and making fun of you.

Wake up and Good Morning because the day is waiting to see your bright smile and fervent attitude and enthusiasm.

There exist two kinds of people on this planet. Some are the early risers, while the rest are the shooters of the early risers. I am not only of them. I am superior. :😂

Its not the Alarm clock that wake you up but your bladder and nature’s call. Isn’t it my friend!! (●’◡’●)

A good way to start your morning doesn’t have to be by waking up early. You can do so by giving me blessings and praying for my success whenever you wake up.

The way one sleeps with a pillow gives a fare indication of how his / her spouse is treated in bed 😬.

There is something surreal about a sweet kiss right after waking up. The sweet kiss however should be with the mouse close or else the opposite of surrealism may be experienced 😁

The deepest sleep in the world comes right after snoozing the Alarm clock for 10 more minutes. Weird beings we are.

When I see you sleeping, then I give you all the curses in the world knowing that you cannot hear me at all. Hahaha!! Good Morning btw! 🎃

You had a great dinner last night and great sleep too. So now it’s time to enjoy a nice poop and feel grateful for it. Good Morning dear!

The perfect morning begins with a puffy eye staring right at the alarm clock. And then going back to sleep again under the blanket.

Morning is the only time I feel respite from you. When I see your gorgeous sleeping face, I always am making you funny faces like Mr. Bean. This is because you always pull my legs for the entire day. Good Morning!

Its always better to arrive more than fully rested, handsome, and charming rather than with puffy eyes and Einstein-like hair. So good morning and sleep back!

The most pertinent task of the day is to wake up at 10 a.m. after delaying snoozing from 5 a.m.

If there is a patent for hilarious snoring and mosquito repellent farting while sleeping, you should certainly acquire it for yourself!

You always rise early as if you are competing with our sun. Good Morning and have a good day!

Even though, we fight and disagree for the rest of the day, its nice to say good morning for the formality. So a very happy good morning!

Good Morning! May you enjoy your coffee today along with a high level of tolerance for nonsense from everyone.

Sending you this nice good morning message, even though I know you won’t read it until afternoon. So good afternoon too also.

You have a tendency to wake up so early in the morning that make the chickens bow down their heads in shame. Good morning by the way!

When I look at you in the morning, I always remind myself how good you are as a human being. It also prevents me to fall unconscious due to your bad breath.

Heaven is waking to hot Pancakces and scorching tea in the morning. Would you please wake up dear and prepare it for me ! Good morning

For some people, afternoon equates to morning. And you are one of such for sure. So a good morning to you and good after noon for the rest of the nation. 😀

May the nature’s call wake you up early every morning and give you a great start to your day! Good morning dear!

For people like you, it is easier to wake them up from General Anesthesia than from the sleep.

Wakey Wakey my friend,
The sun is shining high and bright!
Time to move your ass,
Because it is becoming airtight!! 😀

The teeth begs your request to make them shiny and white,
And the tongue wants to eradicate the taste of yesterday night!
A very good morning to a lovely individual !

If there was an Oscar for sleeping like a log, it would certainly be given to you! A very good morning!

My dear! You don’t sleep like a baby. You are still a baby! Good Morning!

Your nice dinner from previous night is urging to come out of … you know from where. Kindly oblige it at the earliest. A very good morning!

If I have learnt anything from you, it is how to get tired in 2 hours of work and rejuvenate with 10 hours of night sleep.

Hello!!!! Time to wake up and shine like a bright, hot sun!

Stop snoring and farting. Now time to wake up and shake that butt

Hilarious Funny Good Morning messages

When the going gets tough, the sleep often gets deeper. Isn’t it my friend! Wakey Wakey now!

There is no pleasure in the world other than to wake my friend by pouring icy cold water.

A very happy and cheerful morning to our lovely friend who never cares about anything, because he is slept for most of the day.

Good Morning! You have some amazing skills but the one am interested in how to sleep like a log even when the whole world is falling apart.

Doctors can do surgery on you easily in your sleep than you being on General Anesthesia.

Wake up you cute panda. You have to sleep tomorrow also, and day after tomorrow also. 🙂

Since I woke up early today, I was feeling lonely and bored too. So waking you up too from a nice slumber with this nice good morning text.

Legends have it that the people who rise early in the morning achieve more than the others. But many are the ones who wake to empty our bladder.

Closing Thoughts

Waking up is the toughest task in the day for most people. Legends say that if your day starts well with nice, fun, and laughter then your mood remains jovial and spirited throughout the day. Imagine a world where every one of us sends a nice and funny Good Morning message to our friends and family. Wouldn’t that be a great thing! We hope that liked this post of ours. As usual, we will keep on updating it with plenty of similar wishes. And feel free to let us know about your feedback. We would be delighted if you would want to add similar funny morning wishes from your end. Simply write it down in the comment section along with your good name. We will add that wish in our post and will give you credits too.

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