Funny Work Anniversary Messages | Hilarious yet Heartwarming

Happy Work Anniversary to you my dear! You have been our go-to guy every time we are faced with a crisis. May there be more like you in this corporate world to reduce our workload.

If there exists an infinite time, it exists for you as you grasp unlimited things, unlike a mere mortal. I hope to acquire this awesome trait from you. Happy Work Anniversary to you.

The best thing I have learned from you is that when the going gets tough, the tough get going, for help. These nine years have been some of the most amazing under your leadership. May the collaboration continues for nine years, at the least. Happy Work Anniversary.

After my birthday, it is the day of my work anniversary that I wait desperately. So much that I don’t even take breakfast and lunch. Happy Work anniversary by the way.

It has been nearly nine years of tolerating you and the journey and it looks like that the journey is likely to continue for many more years. Happy Work Anniversary to you!

If there is someone who knows how to deal with a pathetic boss and still gets a promotion after promotion, it has to be you. Happy Work Anniversary.

There are times when we are fortunate enough to not commit mistakes but instead learn from the ones done by others. Hats off to you for learning so quickly from our’s mistakes. Happy Work Anniversary!

Many Congratulations on the work anniversary. I sometimes feel like the office premises have turned into a home owing to your leadership.

The mere mortals would have been unable to survive here so long. You have not only survived, but also thrived, a feat that I am jealous of. Happy Work Anniversary to you by the way.

There have been numerous occasions where you have made me laugh like an idiot in the office. I hope the trend continues. Happy Work anniversary.

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