Birthday wishes for male friend with benefits

It’s no shame to have a friend with benefits these days. The times have changed and for the good. But you can enjoy a healthy friendship with your FWB too. And one of the ways to have it is by wishing him a happy birthday. So if you are looking for appropriate birthday wishes for a male friend with benefits, then you will find plenty of them in this post. So let’s get onto them without wasting any more time.

It is amazing to have not only pleasure but joy, respect, and mutual interests too. I wish there be more males like you in the world. Happy Birthday, dear FWB!

Some of the best things in life often come up with hard work and persistence. May you never give up on your dreams and visions.

To the handsome guy who has rock and rolls plenty of nights for me. May he does it many more times in the coming days and months. Happy Birthday handsome.

Hey dear! Legends have rightly said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. I pray all the happiness in the world fall upon you.

Friend with Benefits Male Friend Happy Birthday

It is hard to express everything in life with words. Some can only be expressed via actions and there is plenty of it remaining between us. Hope you getting what I mean. A very happy birthday to you.

We may not speak many faces to face but we surely do with our actions. May your charm and charisma rise with every passing year.

May your year be filled with optimism, lots of activities, and great health. Hoping the very best for your personal and professional endeavors.

It’s the day when the divine sent a nice human being on the planet Earth. The world would be so much supportive, peaceful, and thriving if there would be more men like you. A very happy birthday to you.

There are times when the divine may not give us what we want because he has plans to give us something beyond our expectations.

You are the illuminating light with whom I have shared many great moments. I wish you plenty of success in the coming months and years.

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