Grand Daughter 14th Birthday – Happy fourteenth Birthday

Its the birthday of an awesome girl who descended on this Earth 14 years ago. Wishing you all the good luck and charm for your future endeavors. May life gives you everything you desire my sweetheart!

Some of the happiest moments of my life have come in the last 14 years. You are more precious than you ever think yourself to be.

Life has been more surreal than ever after the arrival of my grand daughter! I wish that she be my grand daughter for the next lifetimes also. Congratulations on the fourteenth birthday.

Dear Girl! Where there is a will, there is always a way. May you never ever give up on transforming your dreams into reality.

How does it feel to be the quintessential girl who is the apple of everyone’s eyes? Congratulations on the fourteenth birthday. Love you to the moon and back.

You make us complete in more than ways than we always wanted.

With every passing year, my grand daughter is getting prettier, wiser and smarter. May it always be like this.

Some of the best things in life often comes as a result of hard work and persistence. May you always give your best dear granddaughter. All the best for your future.

The Almighty has blessed you with more talent and ability than you will ever use in this lifetime. Your gift to him is to make the most of those talents and abilities in this lifetime.

Your presence in our life rejuvenates us for our heart and mind. You nourish us in ways beyond our expectations. May every family gets a girl like you. Happy birthday!

There may not be any heroic to the word persistence but it can open the doors of opportunities like nothing else. May you always persist for your success.

May this new year of your life rejuvenates your optimism, and gives you wing to accomplish whatever your heart desires.

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