Grand Daughter 15th Birthday – Happy fifteenth Birthday

It is amazing how these 15 years have flown by. It feels that we cradled you in our arms yesterday only. You are precious my dear girl. Happy 15th Birthday!

It is the age where the opposite gender will adorned you with plenty of attention. May happiness, health and prosperity always be upon you by the divine.

Nothing enriches a life in this age than a sweet girl who takes so much care of her grandparents. God bless you my child. Love to the moon and back.

If there would be an Oscar for the loveliest grand daughter, it would surely go to you. Enjoy the birthday!

These last 15 years have been some of the best I have ever had. May the next 15 years unfold a new level of happiness, joy and prosperity.

I have seen you born, seen your first smile, first yawn and first walk. All those moments were special. No matter how much you grow up, you will always be the cute bundle of joy for us. Happy 15th Birthday.

With every passing year, you have grown charming, prettier and more kind-hearted. You are one of your kind. May you never ever try to be like other individual.

Coming to the home tonight to celebrate an awesome 15th birthday of my lovely grand daughter.

No matter what career choices you will make, you will always have our back and support. Make advances fearlessly for transforming your dream into reality.

Your grace and sweetness is the perfect amalgamation of a charming personality and this is why you are the quintessential girl that every family wants to have. Happy Birthday to you!

Sometimes, we wonder how blessed we are as the divine sent us a perfect girl. Your presence illuminates our life with charm, charisma and happiness. May you always be like this dear girl.

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