Grand Daughter 17th Birthday – 17th Birthday special wishes

It was exactly 17 years ago that you came into our family. I am so proud of your achievements in these 17 years. I wish plenty of success in all your future endeavors.

You may have turned 17 only but you are so much ahead in terms of wisdom, charm and charisma. I wish the trend continues for the same.

You may drive your parents crazy with your mischief and naughtiness but it is what warms your grandparents. May your liveliness and enthusiasm always stay like this.

You are the bright sunshine that illuminates our lives with so much joy, happiness and prosperity. Wishing you all the very best for your future endeavors.

Giant cakes, lots of birthday gifts and wishes are along the way, along with an equally impressive invoice. May you keep the change ready.

Ever since your arrival, I have had more wonderful moments than I had before.

When the divine wants to create a beautiful lady, he takes the reference of my beautiful granddaughter.

There is a level of happiness that cannot be expressed in words but can only be felt. You bring so much to the family’s dynamics. Happy 17th birthday!

Your determination and strength is astonishing. At this young age, you have proven yourself to be extremely resilient and hard working. Stay strong my girl. Success is around the corner only.

It is amazing how quickly these 17 years have passed by. You are now entering a phase where the opposite gender will adorned you with plenty of attention.

The day you were born, I realized that the divine has sent us something special. And I was right. Wishing you love, happiness and kisses for your 17th birthday.

You may have turned 17th but you will always the cute little grand daughter who we once used to cradle in our arms.

We may be far away from you but our hearts will always connected with strings of love, happiness and joy.

Happiness is seeing your grand daughter turning prettier, smarter and wiser with every passing year. You are terrific my girl. Wishing you all sorts of wishes and happiness on your 17th birthday.

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