Granddaughter 8th Birthday – Wishes & Greetings

Dear GrandDaughter! It is amazing how time flies by. These eight years have been some of the best of my life. So excited about the next 8 years. So happy to have you.

The divine may have blessed us with plenty of materialistic wealth but it’s the Grandkids like you who make life worth living with enthusiasm.

Your smile and charm is infectious and propels others to see the brighter perspective of life.

Life may have plenty of hurdles but a lively person like my Grand Daughter makes everything worth it.

You may have turned 8 but you are way ahead in terms of wisdom than your years allow. I wish it remains the same forever.

Where there is a will dear granddaughter, a way always come up. Happy Birthday!

When the Almighty was creating you, he was sober. He blessed you with all the right emotional traits.

Only a cute grand daughter like you can steal father’s money and still not get scolded.

The new definition of happiness is my Granddaughter who leaves no stone unturned for bringing a smile on to our faces. May there be more like her in this world.

We may not be the perfect grandparents but you are the quintessential grand daughter who every family would love to have.

Mommy and Daddy may say No No to you at times. In those times, GrandPa and Grand Mom will say Yes Yes.

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