100+ Granddaughter birth wishes – Msgs & quotes

It is always a special occasion when a baby girl arrives into a family. She often is a symbol of an angel and it makes it so heartwarming to listen to the doctor when they say that you have been blessed with a baby girl. If you are the lucky grandfather or Grandmother who has been blessed with a granddaughter or you want to wish your friend, family, or acquaintance to welcome a granddaughter, then you will find plenty of heartwarming granddaughter birth wishes in this post.

Many many congratulations to you on the birth of your granddaughter. May she lives a blissful life coupled with great health and prosperity.

There are some occasions where words cannot describe our ecstasy and gratefulness to the divine. Today is one such day as I have been blessed with a wonderful granddaughter. I hope she will achieve the pinnacle of success in her life. Welcome on your first-day baby girl. Lots of love!

It is a special day today when a great girl has arrived from the heavens. So grateful to the divine for blessing us with you. Welcome to our family baby girl.

Happy arrival congratulations to the cutest angelic girl. We are delighted beyond anything. All our wishes are upon you for a great life.

It is rightly said that when the divine wants to give its precious gift, he sends a nice baby girl into the family. So happy to welcome the new addition to our family in the form of our granddaughter.

I have always wanted a cute baby girl in my grandchildren. I am so happy that now the Almighty has fulfilled my wish.

Life is now going to be so much different. And by different, I mean so much better. May every grandfather in the world be blessed by such a cute granddaughter. Welcome to planet earth dear.

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