Grandson 6th Birthday – Special Wishes for 6th Birthday

Happy Birthday to dear Grandson on your 6th birthday. Your presence in our family illuminates our life. May you acquire great success in your life.

You may have turned six but you are way wiser than your peers. I wish the divine blesses you with infinite health, happiness and success.

When Daddy and Mommy say No No No, then it is the Grandpa Who says Yes, Yes Yes. Happy Birthday to my sweet child.

You certainly are one of the finest gifts that the divine has given to me. I wish there be more happy kids like you in this world. Congratulations on turning six.

May your light-hearted spirit, naive heart, and kindness always surpass the negativity that other jealous people will inflict upon you. A very happy sixth birthday to you dear.

It is the day when an Angel came from heaven. You are phenomenal beyond words my Boy.

It seems yesterday only that my lovely grandson came into our family. I still remember your first smile. May it always be upon your face.

Sometimes, God does not give us what we want but more than that. We asked for a cute little kid. He instead gave us an Angelic one. Happy 6th Birthday to you.

It’s the day which deserves a special celebration. Occasions like your Birthday makes your Grandpa feel like a kid too. May the blessings of the divine always be upon you, my Son.

Dear Grandson! Always remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. May you always live by these golden words from your Grandmother.

The world would be so much better, thriving, and peaceful place, if there would be more awesome children like you.

As you grow, you may hold my hand for a lesser time. But remember that you will hold my heart for a lifetime. Happy 6th Birthday to you.

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