Grandson Happy Birthday Funny – Cheerful Wishes For Grandson

It feels amazing to have grandkids as they not only are young and energetic but also bring nostalgia to your heydays. And when it is the birthday of your Grandson, then some funny wishes are not just important. They are imperative. Special occasions like Grandson’s birthday are the perfect opportunity to showcase your humorous side by wishing him hilarious wishes. We are sure your grandson will absolutely chuckle by reading the below birthday messages for him.

Hey Grandson! You may have gone a bit too much on your daddy. While I am proud of that, just don’t follow his heydays.

Dear Grandson. Always remember that wisdom not only increases but also spirals down with age too, by being in touch with the wrong people.

It is the time of year where from now, the lovely grandson will be bestowed with lots of attention from the opposite gender. May you not take too much advantage of it, dear.

A great-grandson is the one who always takes the side of his grandfather when the banter is going on with his grandfather and father.

Dear Grandson! I have seen the way you sleep with the pillows and I can certainly say that your future girlfriend and wife will be extremely happy.

There is a saying that when the going gets tough, the tough get going to the grandfather for help.

No matter who does the mistake, in the end, we have to realize that the grandmother is always right.

Dear Grandson, it takes some real skill and qualities to produce a father like yours, who could produce a grandson like you. May you give me the deserved credits.

Many times, the divine doesn’t give us what we want but, then that like you got a great grandfather. A very happy birthday to you.

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