Grandson birth wishes – Sweet wishes on Birth

It is not every day that you are blessed with a Grandson. So when you are presented with such a joyous occasion, special wishes can be written and blessed upon the cute guy. The grandson upon growing up will read those awesome birth wishes written by his grandparents and will feel blessed and cheerful. These are some special wishes that we are bringing for the birth of your Grandson.

It is the day that will forever be etched in my heart. You are an angelic guy who has come into our family. Welcome on the planet dear Grandson. Happy Wishes on your birth.

Dear Grandson! Life has blessed us with a ton of happiness but none of it can match the joy that we are having today upon the arrival of you in our family. Wishing you immense success, happiness, and health in your life.

Your smile is infectious and we are in awe to see such a gorgeous child. Thank you, Lord!

We have been waiting for you for so long. Life will be so much different now, and for the better. All our blessings are with you.

I asked the divine for a cute little grandson. And the Almighty has blessed me more than that in the form of you. This special day of your birth will always be remembered. Welcome on board cutie grandson.

Your birth will always be nostalgic. Thanks for being such a lovely gift for our family. A warm welcome to the dear grandson.

May the blessings of the divine always engulf you to surpass heights of success than all the other family members. Welcome to our special kid.

It is a surreal feeling to witness your birth. Lucky are your grandparents to see your fresh arrival from heaven.

Tears are rolling out of my eyes as I write this message. I have been longing for a grandson for a long time. And today he has finally made his way onto the planet. A very warm welcome for your birth in this family.

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