100+ Birthday greetings for Awesome daughter

Daughters are absolutely the blessings from the angel itself. They illuminate every family with their love, beauty, charm, and charisma. Every parent knows that their daughter will one day leave the house for her prince charming. This is what makes it even more imperative to spend important moments with her on joyous occasions. And if today is the day when your daughter came into this world, then we some amazing birthday greetings wishes for her. These awesome greetings are written from the perspective of both father and mother. We are sure that reading those wishes will bring tears of smile and joy to your daughter’s face. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Dear daughter! Sometimes, we may not agree on things. We may fight and say words to each other. But nothing in life matters to me other than to see you smile and succeed. May you achieve success beyond your wildest expectations.

Tough times do not last for long dear girl but tough people certainly do.

Some things can only be learned from your mother. And one of the important lessons is how to stay young and charming forever, by of course lying through the teeth.

I may be the best father in the world but that can only happen if I have the best daughter in the universe. And I certainly have.

Its OK my girl if you do not achieve the marks that you aim for in the university exams. Life is much more than mere exams and we know that you will certainly forge your own destiny.

One of the best ways to bring prosperity, love and peacefulness is to bring lots of amazing girls into this world just like our very own daughter.

Dear Girl! Do you know why we always wake you up so early in the morning. Because our parent’s didn’t let us sleep too when we were of your age. Why? We still don’t know. But that’s how it is.😂

Never ever shy away from the uncomforted zone and tough times dear daughter because it is these times only that makes us grow and also shows us who are our real well-wishers and who aren’t.

I always wanted a daughter who is gorgeous as hell and a stunner. But the Almighty did not gave me what I asked, he certainly gave me more than that. And I am so grateful for him.

We as parents surely have done some great deeds in our previous lives that the Almighty bestowed us with a daughter like you!

It is only the blessings of the divine that you got the stunning gorgeous looks of your mommy and the wisdom and intelligence from your daddy. I wonder how things would have been if you would have got the vice versa from me and daddy. 😁 But happy birthday to you daughter.

It is sometimes to be far apart so that we realize how grateful we are of the other person.

As a parent, we may not be able to fulfill your all wishes but I am sure that you will certainly fulfill all of ours’s.

Some of your accomplishments surprise me and makes me believe that you are destined for great things in life dear. Please don’t give up on the pursuit. Rarely, the worthwhile things in life comes without hard work and persistence.

The most meaningful things in life often comes in intangible form like love, respect and admiration. Hoping that you get every bit of them from your dearest friends and family because you deserve every bit of it.

No matter how much you will grow up my dear girl, you will always be the little bubbly girl from the divine that I longed for. I wish you longevity, health, and prosperity.

Hey girl! By now, you must have realized that men are like dogs for the first 100 years of their life. There are some exceptions though, like your Daddy, who was tamed by your gorgeous mommy!

Some of the hardest things in life, both physically and mentally will only propel you to greatness if they do not harm you.

If the wisdom cannot thrive, then I am happy for it to even crawl for you 😂. Don’t worry dear daughter! Everything in life will become fine.

Some things in life can only be obtained from the divine like the perfect smile, your charm, and glow. May this trend continues forever for you.

I must tell you dear daughter that I have seen you the way you sleep with your pillow and I know that your prince charming will be one hell of a lucky guy.

You are one of those lucky people in my life who can pull my legs and still not get a whack to her head. Even if your Dad doesn’t enjoy such a privilege.

Closing thoughts

Lucky are the parents who have a daughter. She is no less than a man in any endeavor and is capable of achieving any accomplishments that her heart desires. Sometimes, it can be hard for the parents to say the right words to their daughter and at times, there are ups and lows also between the parent and child. But such is life. We are sure the above greeting will make your daughter feel lovely, and proud to have parents like you. Feel free to leave your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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