100+ Good Instagram captions for guys to make their day

I am the one who the divine took a lot of time while making.

Nature avoid vacuum and therefore, a bad habit needs a good habit to be replaced.

There is no such thing as failing if you are constantly crawling your way for improvement.

I don’t need to age to acquire wisdom. I was born with it.

Fake people say one thing and do other things.

The best people in life are the one who keep on making themselves better with time.

I never knew that back bitching can be therapeutic too.

Only boys will lick ass in order to go ahead. Real men kick asses. Its their way or his way.

Sometimes, anger does propels us to great hard work.

Men who do a lot often talk very less.

A woman must desire me more than I desire her.

Every individuals has his swag. It is his responsibility to develop on his own.

Bearing criticism alone makes you stand apart from the crowd.

Sometimes, doing the right work and easy work are different paths.

I know more dirty secrets about my friends than they do know about me. I hope the equation stays same.

Guys definitely are like the dogs for the first 100 years of their life.

Everyone may not like me, but everyone also do not matter.

I don’t want to fit into any world, but want to make my own castle and empire.

Some things are hard to defeat like a courageous heart and resilient yearning for success.

Health is an inside job.

The most pleasurable place in the world is called comfort zone. But unfortunately, that’s not where growth happens.

Being savage does not mean I have a bad heart and resentment towards others.

The best doctor in the world lies inside our body. His name is the immune system.

An innocent face can be a wild personality.

Early morning. Great Vibes

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Mistakes are always a part of journey to success.

Criticisms bring out the best in me.

If you are wanting to criticize me, then be willing to walk in my shoes first.

Real men understand the value of perseverance and hard work.

Anyone can lie in this world but not your own body. Listen to it whole heartedly.

If people are disliking you for your growth, then you are certainly going in the right direction.

A man may disagree with woman but he will never disrespect her.

Men do not obsess about women. They focus on improving the quality of life. Women gets pulled in automatically.

When the Almighty creates a handsome guys, he takes my references into consideration.

When a man makes mistakes, he does not hide it.

Beware of man, who is handsome, charming and willing to work like hell.

I may not have talent but I am willing to put in the maximum hours.

A man may disagree but he does not invade space of other’s opinions and beliefs unless the situation calls for.

Some great things in life are hard to achieve, but what isn’t it!

The best thing in the world is to give and expect nothing.

A man looks handsome when he is confident in himself and his abilities.

Some things can never be copied. They will always be unique.

Where there is a will, the way always shows up.

Yes, the rumor is true. I am not virgin anymore.

Some friends deserves a hug while others deserve a kick to their behind.

There can only be one life of party. And that’s me, myself and IğŸ˜Ž

Good friends are like good condoms. They keep going even if they get worn out.😂

Strong Men do not argue. They give befitting reply with their success.

No Pain. No gain.

Attractive men don’t trap women for sex with false hopes. They seduce and charm the hell out of her.

The stronger the hard work, the fruiter the rewards.

There is a season of sowing and reaping but we never do both in the same season.

Real men don’t hit anyone. But if situation demands, they kick asses.

Behind every success, glitz and glamor, there is an insane amount of hard work.

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