100+ Happy birthday Wishes cum friendship quotes

You may have the birthday of your friends or family, but when it is of your dearest friend, then you really want to write something special. You want to wish them a good happy birthday and also want to cherish about the friendship that you two possess. But coming up with such birthday cum friendship quotes & wishes is hard. And this is why we are writing this post for you. So enjoy these lovely messages that we have prepared along with the images.

When the birthday is of my amazing friend, then I feel as if it’s mine! I wish you amazing success in all your personal and professional endeavors. May you surpass the success beyond your wildest expectations. May our friendship remains alive, spicy, and endearing for eternity.

What good is a friend if he cannot be at the receiving end of each other’s jokes? I sincerely thank you for complying.😂 May you always be like this hehe😍

There is no doubt in my mind that this world would be so much nicer, peaceful, and thriving if there were more amazing people like my friend. Our friendship has seen so many highs and lows and I have to thank you for all the adrenaline and adventurous stuff that are the nostalgia of our good times. But need not to worry because there are plenty of them available in our lifetime. May our friendship soars through the sky. Happy Birthday my dear friend!

One of the toughest things in the world is to write the best message and wish for your birthday friend. But they say, that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going😂. So I have prepared the best birthday wish for my dear friend from the likes of Google and FB. I certainly expect to be wine and dine like a King tonight. Happy Birthday dear and cheers to our friendship.

We may be far apart at times, but only in the physical realm because our hearts will always be in proximity to each other. Our wishes and blessings will always transcend space and time for each other.

Science has found the secret of motivating a lot of people. Surprisingly, it is not the motivational stories or posts but the kick to our behind which does the trick. May my dear friend needs the same treatment for his coming year. But for today, I wish you a very happy birthday😂

Sometimes, the divine don’t give us what we deserve but he bestows us with more than that. The prime example is our friendship. Who could have thought of two wiser, adrenaline pumped up individuals coming together and forging a friendship? It has been an awesome journey of friendship and I wish this journey keeps going for another thousand of years. A very happy birthday to you dear!

Happiness is when you are able to pull the legs of your dear friend and he / she can’t object to it because of how much they adore your friendship🤣. That is how I feel after pulling your legs. But I pay the dues too by being on the receiving end of your jokes too at times. Let us enjoy the friendship and keep prospering.

No amount of wealth and materialistic properties will ever replace the fervent, vigor moments with my best buddy. The natural adrenaline and euphoria are amazing with your presence. You are a source of joy and inspiration and I am blessed to have someone like you in this lifetime.

Our friendship has not only given us warm, cozy, and supportive moments but also free rides and free foods from time to time. I sincerely hope that this phenomenon continues forever.🤣

You have taught me many amazing things in my life and one of them is to take criticism and work harder. Thanks for all the good things that you have permeated in my heart, soul and being. I am sure that you will keep learning something from me too.🤣

The divine has blessed my dear friend with some amazing talent, skill, and abilities. His/ her job is to make the best of them in this lifetime and achieve some significant milestones. No matter what, my shoulders are always there to propel you towards your goals and vision.

The Almighty has a different way of rewarding our good Karma from the previous life. For some, he bestows them with great talents and skills. For others, he gives them an amazing, supportive friend like you. I am happy to be the latter. You understand the pulse of my being like no one else. I wish everyone gets a friend like you.

We may have our fair share of fights and disagreements but we will never ever let lose of the love, respect, and admiration that brought us together as friends in the first place. May the coming years forge our friendship to a level that the world has never ever seen before. May you accomplish all the best things in life. This is my sincere wish for you on your birthday.

When a diamond is put under immense pressure and heat, it is only then its sparkle comes to life. You are the same diamond who the challenges are polishing for a brighter, and respectable future. May you survive these tough times. And do not forget that my support will always be there for you.

I have read it somewhere that more age does not equate to more wisdom. In fact, for some, the wisdom can spiral down to a whole new level😂 I am inclined to think that hypothesis indeed apply to some folks.

I have been dejected by many failures and defeats in my life, only to rise up and bounce back harder owing to the awesome support of my great friend. Our friendship has stand the test of time and its amazing how much it has evolved over the years. May the development continues forever. May you achieve health, happiness and success that you are shooting for.

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