“Have been honest, have owned my mistake”: Shane Warne opens up about lows in career

Legendary spinner Shane Warne has had a colorful career, both on and off the field. Famous for the Getting Wicket, which was termed as the ball of the century, Warne is Australia’s highest test wicket-taker. The former leg-spinner released a documentary titled ‘Shane’ on the 6th of January in theaters. The documentary will be available on Amazon Prime Video from the 25th of January.

Talking to Foxtel, Warne reflected on the activities, the highs, and the lows of his career. Warne acknowledged that the divorce with his wife Simone Callahan was the lowest point of his life and he admitted that it was his fault. A week ago before the 2005 Ashes commenced, Warne had to deal with the divorce from his wife with whom he spent 10 years from 1995 to 2005.

The Barmy Army back was quite vocal in 2005 Ashes and taunted Warne with “Where’s your missus gone”. Warne acknowledged that the event had a harrowing experience on him. ‘[They chanted] for six hours a day, not just ten minutes, singing songs [like] “Where’s your missus gone?”

The host then asked that despite all the lows of his career, the public accepted Warne with open arms to which Warne said “I think the public still likes me because I am honest. I have owned my mistakes. I think that’s the problem with some sportsmen these days is that they get into trouble when they try to pretend something they are not.”

“I have never pretended to be something that I am not. I am me.” While the cricketer has revealed many things in his documentary, the one which really caught the headline was the bribe offer of $200000 he got from Salim Malik in order to lose the Karachi test match in 1994. Upon hearing that request from Malik, Warne replied‘F*** you, mate. We’re going to beat ya’.

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