To a sister-like friend, Happy Birthday — 100+ Wishes

Your beauty, charm, charisma, and caring nature illuminate my life with optimism and happiness. We may not be brother and sister by blood, but certainly by heart! A very happy birthday to you!

The sun is shining brighter, the birds are chirping louder and the breeze is soothing the heart and soul. It is of course the birthday of my dear friend. A day to celebrate hard with lots of fun and laughter.

There is insane happiness when I pull your legs for no reason. I hope you always allow me to do that. 😀

There are siblings, there are acquaintances, there are friends and then there is girl like you, who understand the pulse of me being like no one else. Life has been been surreal with you and I wish it only gets better for both of us.

The world would be cooperative, loving and thriving if there were more people like my dear friend. She is the epitome of altruism, hard work and compassionate human being.

God only knows where we both will be after some years. You may have your own family and I might be busy too. But one thing is for sure that our bond will remain alive for eternity. I wish you tremendous success and happiness in all endeavors of your life.

Its the personality of the very few that conveys a lot without speaking much. Yours is one such and I admire it.

I was not blessed with a sister. But the divine works in a mysterious way. He gave me a sister-like friend who filled that void. Happy Birthday for turning a year older and wiser too dear! May all your dreams come true!

Its hard to find a girl with whom one can share her heart out, be vulnerable and still not be judged. We may be friends but I am sure that in other lifetimes, we would be loving sisters.

Happiness has only compounded ever since you have come into my life. I hope my presence in your life has done the same for you, dear!

You are just the perfect combination of a girl who is like my sister but spills out all the possible secrets of the girl so that I can enjoy a ton of *action* too. 😀

Funny Wishes on bday for a sister-like friend

It’s nice to enjoy a sisterly love from you and still be able to discuss all the dirty things. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world 😀

They say that a woman looks her best in her twenties. I beg to differ. You are turning hotter with every passing year in your 30s.

Its takes great amount of skill to find a nice, cheerful birthday wish from the likes of Google and Instagram. I hope you will appreciate my efforts.

You are not only like my sister dear. You are also like my mother, father, brother and everyone else. 😀

I don’t have a real sister. I have you, thanks to the Almighty. But more thanks to your Dad and Mom for bringing you around the same time when my Mom and Dad brought me.

God bless you my dear. I am sorry, I meant Mark Zuckerberg’s FB. It reminds me of all the important birthday dates.

My dear! Whether its your or mine birthday, we know the shopping will be done for whom. 😀

I know all the dirty secrets about you than you know about me. I hope the equation stays the same forever.

Some precious things in life can only be taught like by a sister-like friend if you know what I mean and I am glad that I have you 😀

Inspiring Ones

There will be times when things may not go in your way. Do remember that while you may not have a blood- brother to help, I am more than sufficient to shoulder your difficulties. Never feel alone in your life dear because I will always be there!

There are obstacles that will grind you hard but will not kill you. Those are the ones that will make you a diamond.

There will moments when you will go through the test of times. Keep the faith and keep moving forward, because there will times too when everything will fall in place.

There are times when God intends to create an epitome of a charming, intelligent, and wise girl. For that, he takes into consideration the attributes of my sister as a dear friend. Your beauty and charisma are only notching up with every passing year. May the trend remains the same forever.

Sometimes, one shoulder is all you need when you have to go through the tough times. I am happy that we have each other for it.

At times, we may be far apart from each other but our wishes and blessings will always find a way to transcends the space and time and reach each other. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous birthday!

Its only the lucky individuals in life that the Almighty bring together, even if we are not related by blood. You teach me so many amazing things in life. I wish you amazing success in all your personal and professional endeavors.

Closing Thoughts

Not every opposite gender have to be romantic. Some relations can be platonic, healthy for the lifetime. And lucky are those individuals, who have a sister like friend, with whom they can not only share their heart out but also expect love, care and support. We wish you have enjoyed this article. We will keep adding more wishes from time to time.

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