Funny 39th Birthday Wishes for the Special ones

They say life truly begins at the age of forty. You may want to make the most of the last year before life actually begins for you. Happy 39th birthday.

Whether you will be thirty-nine or forty-nine, we know how silly you will always be, and we would always love you for it. A very happy birthday to you.

Sometimes, we do not get what we want but still, the divine blesses us with more than that. That’s how he bestowed a wonderful individual like me to you. May the divine bless us with friends like you with whom one can borrow plenty of money without worrying about returning it.

You not only have the energy and looks of someone half your age but also wisdom. May this thirty-ninth birthday propel you to great heights of success.

Welcome to the age of thirty-nine, where you are still younger by heart but with other falling parts of the body.

There is no shame in celebrating small achievements in life, even if it means turning thirty-nine with all our might.

On your special occasion, I have done an equally special thing of staying hunger until a fine wine and dine is received from your end. For all the leg-pulling you have done of mine in the last year, I deserve a blast today.

There are times when you seriously don’t look like 38. You look above forty. Kidding!

When the divine wants to create a foxy, sexy, and kind-hearted lady, he references your DNA. May there be more like you in this world. Happy 39th birthday to you my dear friend!

Happiness is seeing your friend having grey hairs before than you.

With every passing year, you are becoming more head turner. I wish the trend remains the same for the coming month and year. Happy 39th birthday!

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