Funny 41st Birthday Quotes & Wishes

Many many congratulations for entering into the forties. Now you can claim to be highly wise and intellectual too. May you throw a grand party tonight.

The real happiness of life is seeing your friend turning old before you. The age might be downhill but you can be happy about the rising wisdom and experience.

Some of the happiest moments of my life have come when we leg-pulled each other. May the fun and banter always continue for eternity. Happy forty-first birthday to you.

Do you know that the forties are almost like the twenties? It’s just that we take twice as long to recover than in our twenties. Happy 41st birthday.

Common wisdom says that you will never be forty-one again. So let’s celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime event with full vigor.

When the divine wants to create a funny-looking, weird, artistic and charming guy, he references your DNA.

You may have turned forty-one but your looks are becoming head-turner with every passing year.

It is hard to find friends with whom you can borrow money and never ever worry about returning it. May the divine every individual with a friend like me. Happy Birthday to you by the way.

If every one of us can look as good as we are in our forties, we wouldn’t cry leaving behind the thirties.

Legends have rightly said that the first forty years of life are the hardest.

A legend has rightly said that the first forty years of life are for learning. The real-life begins at forty-one.

You may not be liking turning forty-one but at least you are younger than your next birthday.

If there is ever a day when you can dance like crazy, eat and drink like a pig, then it is probably today. May you enjoy to the core on your forty-first birthday.

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