Funny Aunt Birthday Wishes to make her laugh | Hilarious

Dear Aunt! Mighty happy birthday to you. Its a day when I am overly joyful because today you will be preparing a nice meal for all of us.May your birthday comes everyday.

Hey Auntie! The best thing your niece has learnt over the years from you is how to stay young and charming i.e. by lying through the teeth of course. May the divine bless you all the happiness and prosperity in the world. A very happy birthday to you.

Some things in life cannot be taken for granted like the love of my aunt who is no less than a mother to me. May every child gets an aunt like you dear. A very happy Birthday to you.

It has been our observation that when the going gets tough for the nephew, the tough gets going, to the aunt for help. May you always be my pillar of confidence, and success. Happy Birthday to you.

Hey Auntie! You probably thinking that we are going to buy an awesome gift to you. Its is true! We are. Also sending lots of wishes, hugs and blessings and also the invoice of the gifts. May you let the uncle notify of keeping the change ready for the delivery guy. Oh, a happy birthday to you.

Dear Aunt! When life may bring adversities, be assured that your niece, nephew and their parents will stand by you and uncle. A very happy birthday to you!

There are times, when the great divine may not bless us with what we want. But then he makes it up by giving us more than that. It has been the same with us because he bestowed a wonderful aunt like you to us. Happy Birthday my cute aunt. May you always be gorgeous and charming.

Dear Aunt! No matter how much we will grow up, we will always be the cute, little toddlers for you. A very happy birthday to you. May all the blessings of the world prosper upon you.

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