5+ Characteristics (Undeniable) of a fake person

While our science, technology and quality of life is certainly increasing, it is becoming harder to have genuine people in our life or at least to spot out the fake people, who pretend to show the best interests in mind for you. Some of the folks will be nice and friendly until their intent is accomplished with you. But when they show their true colors, the experience can be very painful, and feels like a betrayal. So, before forming some meaningful relationship with individuals, we should judge them holistically so that you don’t regret later on. This article is a sincere attempt in that direction. So let’s get started.

1. They treat different strata of people with different demeanor

People who are fake, are likely to be rude and harsh to people who they consider at the lower end of the spectrum of wealth. And the same folks will be sweet and nice with the people at the upper end of the spectrum of materialistic wealth. While there could be reason at times for them to be rude, if you often witness such different behaviors from them, then they are surely not the time and effort of a sincere individual like you.

2. Your gut instincts tell that they are overly sweet and nice almost every time they meet you

While being overly nice is not a bad thing, such gestures are natural in every once in a while. But if an individual keeps showing his sweet side to you every time, it is very likely a fake personality. People who are authentic do not shy away in showing their real personality, the personality which they always carry when nobody is watching them. In fact, it is nearly impossible to be happy go lucky, sweet, sensitive and helpful all the time. And if you meet sincere people, you will get to know all shades of their personality through conversation alone.

3. They take pleasure in emotional manipulation

Emotions are the fuel that drives human and fake people use it in order to achieve their sinister intents. They understand the fact that emotions trumps logic and intellect rationales. Some of their pleasurable activities include triggering other people to become confrontational with the people they dislike. If you meet someone, who arouses your emotions against someone, you need to ask yourself, what is this person looking to gain by making you confrontational with the other party. Authentic people might ask you to favor and support them but they will never instigate you against the people with whom they don’t get along.

4. They often claim accomplishments that are impossible to verify

It may not be a nice way of blatantly asking someone to show proof of their accomplishments but people who are genuine will only talk about the accomplishments, which can be easily cross-checked in the public domain. Claims like making big money, or sleeping with a lot of women will not be challenged openly by the listeners. And while some of it may be true sometimes, if you meet people that have a habit of making such unverifiable claims, then they are likely a fake personality.

5. Will say something but will do the opposite

Did you ever had a friend, acquaintance or a relative, who when they meet you, will claim to call you on the phone, but will never do so. We are not suggesting that you cut off such people from your lives but it certainly shows that they don’t value their words and promises. Genuine people don’t do that at all. They will never promise you anything until they can fulfill it. To them, every word from their mouth holds a significant meaning.

6. They always feel the need to be the center of attraction

Every person longs to be the center of attraction. However, in any outing, if a person is forcing their way to be center of attraction for every topic, then its surely a sign of lack of self-esteem. People who are genuine, often have high self-esteem even if they do not have materialistic accomplishments for it. They don’t feel the need to be talked about every time. They feel content inside and will happily go with the flow of conversation if it puts one person at a pedestal.

7. They don’t accept their mistakes

While the perception for an illogical argument may vary for some people, the fake ones will always use them in order to defend their argument. They will move the mountains for diverting the blame onto others instead of acknowledging their own. They will twist the logics and arguments to a great degree if it will serve them good.

8. Their primary motive is to get the job done by hook or crook, irrespective of ethics and morality.

Don’t get us wrong here! An attitude for getting a work done is paramount for moving forward in life. However, in order to get something done, one needs to consider a lot of factors, especially if the process involves many people. Fake people are not really bothered about the feelings and emotions of other people involved. If they have to cheat to win, they will do so because to them winning matters more, rather than losing the battle (but winning the hearts) with grace and dignity.


Fake people often send out many signals which will go under your radar if you are not willing to pay nominal attention to their behavior. While it takes a conscious effort to filter their behavior, you will enjoy a peace of mind if you will be able to prevent such people from coming into your life.

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