Boss likes you romantically? 5+ Major signs to observe

Working in an office environment has its own dynamics. After all, humans do get attracted to each other. That’s how we are wired. While it may be easy to decipher whether your colleague has a crush on you or not, doing that so for your boss can be tricky, and can bring a whole lot of trouble if you try to find that out in an open and aggressive way. Luckily, we humans always broadcast signals and behaviors that reflect our thoughts, likings, and perceptions. And you can use the same to gauge whether your Boss likes you in a romantic way or not. This article is a sincere attempt to give you clues for it.

Author’s tip: – While you may have a confidant at your workplace, do not take the risk of discussing such matters with them. It’s hard to gauge the true intent of people at the workplace and finding out the romantic intent of your boss towards you is the last thing you should discuss with them.

Your Boss brushes off your blunders and mistakes

Let us be honest. Humans always demonstrate some favoritism towards the people they like. While your boss may not be angry for your mistakes, but if he/she brushes asides your blunders and let you off with a simple message, then its very likely that he/she likes you (in a romantic way) which is why they don’t want to scold and make you feel bad.

They find ways to talk to you, even if its not productive to work

Your Boss may like to talk to you regarding the work but a boss who likes you romantically will get into a conversation with you, even if its not productive. He/she will ask you lame questions regarding the work, the answers of which are pretty obvious and not needed from your end. Even if they want, your boss might not get into a personal talk, which is why they will talk about unnecessary work just to engage in a conversation with you.

Some bosses with romantic inclination will go a step further by calling or messaging you at the odd times, even when there is no need of that. Or if your boss is calling you in private meetings more often than needed, then its a sign too.

Your boss gives you faster promotions even when there are more deserving and experienced candidates

Such a gesture is a clear indicator of your Boss having romantic thoughts about you. They want to impress and are obviously expecting something in the return. Giving you a faster and unexpected promotion is a big move, which obviously raises a lot of eye brows and gossips in the office circle. We all are aware about all sorts of things happening behind the curtains. Your boss may be wanting some sort of *action* or the very least, want to have a genuine romantic affair with you.

They compliment you

If your Boss compliments you, it could be to boost your morale. But if you rarely seen him/her doing that to anyone else, then it could be a sign of their romantic inclination towards you. If they compliment you for your appearances, then its very likely that they fancy you.

They give way too much value to your opinions and suggestions

Right opinions (coming from anyone) are always given more weightage by sensible heads, however giving over the top appreciation for giving opinion is a clear sign that your boss likes you. However, you have to be careful here. If your Boss is merely asking opinions for work-related things, it may not a clear sign of their likeness towards you. A clearer indicator would be when they ask opinions for personal stuff like clothing, styling or even dating etc.

They reveal more of their personal side to you than needed

When people are at the office, its natural for them to engage in a light-hearted and platonic conversation. And you could share the same equation with your boss too. However, if your boss confides more of their personality, likes, dislikes and perceptions, then it is very likely that they fancy you and want to form a bond which is more than platonic.

Giving you a physical contact

People who have romantic inclination towards others, will find subtle ways to touch them. While its very likely that your Boss is a gregarious person and gives you some form of touch, if you observe such behavior only towards you in the workplace, then it could a signal of your Boss’s likeness towards you. You also need to be honest if you are giving them clues for physical contact like high-fives, handshakes. If you are not comfortable with such gesture, you definitely need to show disinterest in a subtle way, so that it doesn’t create awkwardness and sends a clear message too to your boss.

Closing Notes

Just because your Boss is trying to reflect his/her romantic liking towards you, does not mean that you have to go along with the flow. Doing so will likely cause you problem. In fact, we highly recommend to refrain from romantic relationships with anyone at the workplace, let alone with your Boss. But if you feel butterflies in your stomach about your boss too, then its up to you to reciprocate them.

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