100+ Text Questions to ask guy to turn him on (Direct + Subtle)

While it is certainly easier and straight forward to turn on a guy, making him do so over the text very subtly can be tricky. Men really love it when their partners make an effort to turn them on and dirty, erotic texts can be very arousing. This is what this post is all about. We have not only laid out direct but subtle questions too that will increase his blood flow in the right areas. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

I feel lingerie is the best home wear during summer and when you are around. What you say?

Don’t you think gaining fat is good sometimes, especially for women?

What’s your opinion about the one night stand?

Do you like to sleep naked and freely?

BDSM is nice sometimes, what you say!

Do you like lights on or lights off?

Which sex scene in the movies you have find the hottest?

Do you like it everyday or on alternate days?

Hairs at some places shouldn’t be removed. What you say?

Is your phone still filled with your ex’s numbers? How many if I may ask?

What body type your prefer in a woman?

What’s the lengthiest you have gone on?

How often you wake up with a morning wood?

Do you think that actors really make out during filming?

Have you ever done it in the back seat of the car?

Can you handle a nymphomaniac?

Subtle text questions to turn a guy on

Sometimes, being subtle is everything. If you are talking to a well – intelligent guy, he will absolutely get your hint. Being subtle also is more exciting and fervent rather than being straightforward. Below are some subtle text questions that you can ask him to turn him on

How do you relax after a hectic day at work?

Do you like a woman who swallows?

For how long you can run without panting?

For how long can you hold off?

Beds do come in handy, apart for the very obvious sleeping!

Do you like light or dark color lingerie?

Do you know of a simple activity that relaxes you in minutes?

Text statements for a guy to turn him on

You don’t always have to ask questions. If your intent is to turn him on, you can make use appropriate statements which can easily blend in a variety of conversation. We are giving some examples below.

I don’t want to wear that particular outfit tonight because it takes time to open it.

I know you can go many rounds at the bar but how many can you go for the main event, that we will have to figure it out.

I would really like to go through the history of your browsers.

You seem very dominant in nature. Whether that’s only off the field is yet to be seen!

I like your eyes. They are like X-rays!!!

Hard hands are nice to knock someone with pain and with pleasure too!

Some calorie burning exercises are easy and in fact, very enjoyable to do.

I am alone. You should get here fast without getting tired of course.

Sometimes, the most beautiful things are hard to gauge just from outside.

Guy like you should proceed without any hesitation!

Long nails can be difficult to maintain but they do come in handy at times.

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