100+ Husband Funny Birthday wishes – Too Funny for Hubby🤣 😍🤪

The spark of any relationship needs the whole ingredients of happiness and banter from time to time. In order to keep things spicy in and out of the bedroom, both husband and wife should engage in light-hearted funny wishes from time to time. And if today is the happy birthday of your husband, then you can certainly show him your humorous and sarcastic side of personality through the wishes. But coming up with such messages can be extremely difficult at the last moment. And this is why we are writing this post. Here you will find plenty of belly-laugh, stomach-aching wishes for your hubby!

Blessed is the wife whose husband looks like James Bond but works like Bill Gates. So happy to have you, my dear! God bless and have a wonderful birthday!

You may be aging for sure but your libido is still stuck at the teenage phase and honestly, I love every bit of it. May it remains like that forever.

Thank goodness to Facebook for reminding me of my hubby’s birthday. Happy Birthday to you handsome.

There are only a few things that propel my husband to work hard. A boot to the behind is one of them.

It is the day when you can gorge on food like a pig and no one will say a word to you.

Today is the day when you have a chance of making me forgive you for your year-round stupidities by wine and dine me.

Life may not be perfect for you, but your wife certainly is.

Husband Birthday Hilarious wishes from Wife

It is the day you came out of the vagina but you are only going to go inside today if you do all the right things today (and tonight!)

One day of the year is deserving of you for my sweet, submissive, and gentle wife. I will return to my Bellatrix Lestrange-like behavior from tomorrow onwards.

Once upon a time, my darling hubby was young, hot, and dashing. And now he is the total opposite. Way to go hubby!

You may have done many mistakes in life but you certainly did one thing correctly and that is to marry a woman like your wife at the right time.

It is a myth that wisdom tooth is an indicator of wisdom permeating into our being. What is your opinion about it, my husband!!

To my handsome husband! I want to say happy birthday with all my butt because it is bigger than my heart and very nice to look at too.

One of the key traits of leadership is to accept criticism. Thank me my dear husband for instilling this habit in you with my nag and criticism.

It is the day you always think about going inside the thing from which you came out on this day.

I admire your ability to achieve all your desires, in your dreams. I hope you bring some of them into reality.

Dear hubby! It is not that you read slow and grasp a lot, it is actually that you have the learning ability like the tortoise’s crawl.

Wisdom suggests that the best way stay happy and rejuvenating is to keep pulling the husband’s leg from time to time.

Studies have shown that men behave like dogs for the first 100 years of their life.

This year has been fruitful for my husband. He has set up a new benchmark this year for laziness. Proud of you honey.

In all these years of marriage, my husband has finally realized that the wife can be wrong in many cases, only in his dreams.

I was thinking of buying a special and expensive gift for you but then I realized you already have the best one, in the form of me.

I am mighty thankful today for my mother-in-law and father-in-law. The former for providing him the amazing looks and the latter for imparting wisdom and knowledge. I wonder how things would have been if he would have got those qualities from the vice versa.

Many things in life can be done better if the husband keeps their noses out of it.

I have bought a nice, special birthday gift for a special husband. The payment is of course done through your own card.

Dear husband! The first thing I like to have in the morning is your lovely kiss, of course with your mouth closed.

The space on our bed has reduced over the years. But then I realized it is because of my husband’s ever-increasing tummy size.

The marriage years of our lives have made me realized that you are not only the biggest happiness of my life but the biggest pain in the ass too.

Many years ago looking at my future husband, I realized that when the divine was creating him, he was high on meth.

I challenge my husband to make more money than he can think of. And my husband joked with me about spending more money than I could think of, a joke that I took seriously a long time ago.

If there is a mosquito repellant that is free of cost, natural, and effective, it is your fart honey!

I married a wonderful husband who looked like James Bond. He has now successfully transformed into a hobbit-looking man. A lot of hard work for that transformation.

The secret to making a woman happy is to listen to her all day long. The secret of making the darling husband happy is to give him 5 mins of blowjob.

Whether it’s my husband’s birthday or mine, we both know for whom we would be doing the shopping.

You have now understood the secret of staying young and charming forever i.e. by lying through the teeth, a skill that you learned from me.

My dear hubby! You are unique in so many ways such as having an odorless fart and opera-like burp.

Closing Notes

Fun and laughter are essential for a happy holistic relationship. It keeps the spark alive between husband and wife relationship and makes their criticism of each other in a positive way. We wish that you have enjoyed reading those hilarious messages for the hubby’s birthday. We will keep on adding more such quotes and wishes from time to time.

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