Days after the podcast with Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar invited Brett lee on his YouTube channel. The two fast bowlers of the world shared some deep insights why the emergence of fast bowlers is declining in today’s cricket.

Brett Lee pointed out that contrary to the popular belief of resting a bowler, the more a fast bowler bowls, the less likely he is to get injured. And that today’s bowlers are bowling way too less because of shorter formats, and the other variations of slower ball and back of length deliveries.

“The coaches these days are all about , you bowl 24 balls and have a rest. You get in the gym and become massive. You do this this this.. there is a lot of computer work, analytical work and I don’t believe that’s the right way to go about it.”

“So what I would do if I was the coach, I would get rid of the computer. I would get a person to work on their sprinting, become a very good sprinter, bowl more.

They are bowling way too less. The best way for a bowler to not get injured is to bowl less. Its actually wrong! The best way for a bowler to not get injured is to bowl more. You have to bowl more, you have to strengthen the body. Get it used to running in, running in and bowling and twisting and turning. If someone would told me to bowl 24 balls and then rest, I would laugh at them.” said Brett Lee

Lee pointed out that he had to undergo five ankle operations on his landing foot and one ankle operation on his right foot but the joy of delivering those fast deliveries was more than the pain barrier that his body had to go through.

While Shoaib Akhtar has bowled the fast ball till now of 161.3 kmph, Brett lee has bowled more no. of bowls at 160 kmph.

Australia will be touring Pakistan in the month of March and Shoaib teased whether Brett lee would be a part of the commentary team then. The bowler did not replied anything in positive.