India’s fast bowlers are good but they lack rare energy: Shoaib Akhtar

It’s not every day that two great fast bowlers sit alongside on a podcast and talk their hearts out. Speaking on Brett Lee’s podcast, Shoaib Akhtar talked about his upbringing, and the attitude he possessed in his childhood to become a fast bowler.

When asked about why Pakistan is able to produce a lot of fast bowlers, the Rawalpindi express replied that fast-bowling is a passion for the nation and that the early icons played a huge role in inducing that passion in the team.

Shoaib then pointed out what India’s fast bowlers are lacking. “You know India is producing good fast bowlers. But do you know what they are lacking is the rare energy. You know there is rare anger on your face, there is the rare attitude that I am just going to kill you.”

“You know you become what you eat right? And my nation just eat lots of animals and end up being animals (laughs). So when it comes to fast bowling, we just run in like the lions. That is the difference between Pakistan and India”

Akhtar was seen participating in the Legends League Cricket tournament for the Asia Lions. They lost the final to the World Giants on the 29th of January.

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