100+ Men Instagram captions — Cheerful & Inspiring

Legends have rightly said that it takes years of hard work, criticism and the desire to succeed that transform a boy into men. Men have the ability to command respect not only from their peers but also from their enemies. At times, nothing is more satisfying than to put an appropriate caption for men on Instagram. And that is what this post is all about. Here you will find all sorts of Instagram, WhatsApp inspiring and cheerful captions for men.

People who like me? Congrats. You have great taste.

Some men are just born perfect!

Being able to stand out from the crowd is in my DNA.

You can crush the opportunities for man but not his spirit.

The greatest pride for man resides in keeping his word and promises.

Real men don’t fight. But when then need arises, they kick ass.

If you hurt my heart, Know that it will recuperate stronger than ever.

Men don’t wait for the doors of opportunities. They forge their own path instead.

A man knows that failure is his best teacher in life.

Men don’t try to fit into other people’s life. They instead make their own one.

When the divine wants to create handsome boys, he considers my references.

Real men don’t spend weekends on Alcohol. They instead work out and makes themselves better.

Men do not bother about receiving credits. They feel content of their contributions.

Men find reasons to be happy even when the whole world is doomed.

Men don’t try to change others. They work on themselves only.

Men love to compete till they give their everything. Boys quit early!

Real men don’t demand respect. They earn it.

Life is too short to regret for our mistakes.

The sky is the limit for me!

Men are not soft. They just don’t believe in being confrontational every time!

Looks can be deceiving, but not the personality.

Men don’t talk a lot. They instead let their actions do the talking.

There is insane pleasure in pushing us out of comfort zone.

Men do not shy away from being blunt if the need arises.

Money cant buy happiness but it gives reasons to be happy.

When people around you keep Bsing, it is time to ignore them.

Real men are humble but can be harsh too if the need arises.

Not everybody can tolerate my intelligence and awareness.

Men accept their mistakes and criticism too.

When the divine was creating me, he indeed took a lot of time.

The best hunger in the world for achieving success.

I may lose but I bounce back strongly.

Inspiring others is the greatest asset of a wise man.

Genuine friends inspire you to work hard.

Men don’t wish it was easier. They strive to be better instead.

Striving for perfection is the way men approaches their endeavors.

Pushing myself out of comfort zone

No Pain, No gain!

Anger and resentment are for boys. Men don’t hold grudges!

Men do not regret of their mistakes. They learn from it, every single time!

Men know that the easiest job in the world is to speak truth always.

My life, my rules!

Worthwhile things are hard in life but the rewards are guaranteed.

Hopelessly handsome, yet single!

Men do not take insult personally. They silence it with huge success.

I may not appeal to your taste but I don’t need to.

Happiness and health is always an inside job.

Men know that Failure only propels them to success.

Men don’t need make up. They have their charm and aura to make people like them.

If the world was blind how many people would you impress? – Boonaa Mohammed

Men do not hold grudges. They forgive but don’t forget.

More often than not, it is the will the superseeds the talent and ability.

Minute growth every day is better than a whole day of comfort zone.

Boys chase sex. Women chase Men.

Behind an innocent looking men, there is a wild side too.

Men do not bother about pleasing people.

The best doctor is immune system.

The best guidance comes from our intuition.

The divine takes a long time in creating the likes of me.

Boys give up when the going gets tough, whereas men propel during such times.

Whosoever have a crush on me, you have a great choice.

There is a season of sowing and there is a season of reaping but we never do both in the same season.

Men age like a fine wine.

Work hard in silence.

Men do not envy other handsome men.

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