IPL 2022: This is what will happen if a team is affected by Covid in IPL

Ever since the arrival of Covid, cricket has been badly affected. Only if bio-bubble was the problem, now teams are required to step onto the ground after the Covid check. There was a question in everyone’s mind about a scenario when a member of the team is found Covid positive. And now the BCCI has issued a rule for such scenarios.

In the event, that a team is unable to field due to a covid positive case in their team, then the BCCI will try to reschedule the match later on. However, if that becomes impossible, then the matter would be handled by the IPL Technical team, the decision of whom will be final.

The BCCI, at its discretion, will attempt to reschedule the match for later in the season. If this is not possible, the issue will be referred to the IPL Technical Committee. The decision of the IPL Technical Committee will be final and binding.”

Previously, the rule was that the BCCI will attempt to reschedule the match and if it is unable to do so, then it will award two points to the opposing team.

The IPL will run from 26th of March to 29th May and will have 74 matches in total. The league matches are scheduled to be hosted at four venues across Maharashtra. In the past, the Covid has attracted many restrictions such as no handshakes and empty stadiums.

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