Jokes for 3 year olds – Simple Jokes for 3 year Toddler

It is far from easy to come up with awesome jokes that can be shared with a three year old. Little amusing conversation is often necessary to not only stimulate their thinking but also to make them laugh. After all, a smile on your child’s face is regarded as the most precious thing in one’s life. And this is the reason for writing this post. Some cool and funny jokes for your three year old are awaiting in this post. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

Hey Boy! Do you know what you should say to your teacher if she asks you about your favorite dessert? Tell her “I Scream”

Do you know the easiest ways to shoo away mosquitoes? By the smell of fart.

There is one thing that Mummy always prays to God. Do you know what that is? To not get to use the toilet after daddy using it.

What does one poop say to the other poop? You smell so “Baddddd”

There is only person in the world who can steal daddy’s money and still not get a whack on her butt. That lucky person is not your Mommy but you, my darling daughter.

Do you know what daddy does when Mommy gets dressed for an outing? He sleeps.

Hey Son! I Do you know how to smile perfectly for a photograph? You say “Cheese” loud and clear.

There is only one thing in this world that only you can bear and not anyone. Do you know what that is my dear? It is your poop.

There is a saying that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, to the daddy for help.

Do you know when Daddy says No no No, there is always Mommy to say Yes Yes Yes.

What is the best way to reply to someone who makes fun of you? You tell them that they look like poop.

Have you heard about the secret of always being young? It is by lying through the teeth.

When doggies like food, how do they say thank you? By saying Pawsome.

What do you think is common between an Apple and a Banana? They all look weird, like your neighbor’s uncle.

Do you know the best way for daddy to fall asleep? By listening to Mommy’s Non-Stop Chatter.

My Wonderful daughter, do you know the place to find the Dog with no leg? The answer is the place where you left him.

Do you know your neighbor uncle has a talent that no one else has? He can smile and also fart at the same time.

If the race is of the teddy bears, then how will you start the race? By saying “Ready Teddy Go”!

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