Jokes for 4 year old – Simple & funny for 4 year toddler

We often forget that laughter and humor lie in the simplicities of life. Building rapport with children is all about detaching from over-thinking. But coming up with jokes for the 4 year old is more challenging than it seems to be. But worry not as AZ1 has got your back. This post contains all the simple yet hilarious small talks that you can share with your 4 year old.

With every passing day, my dear son is learning how to poop better.

Hey Sonny! Do you know being fearless is all about is standing up and smiling with all your teeth when Mrs……..(Name of teacher)……….. tries to punish you for no reason.

One the most amazing skill in life is to laugh and fart at the same time, something which your lovely uncle does that often.

Do you know what is the one thing that you should do when you see a lion? RUN with all your life.

When you see an animal with no ears, what do you call him? Call him anything because he won’t hear.

4 year old jokes

Hey princess! Do you know why the poop was sad today? Because it got dumped today!

Nobody knows where does the fish store its money. Do you know my dear girl? Inside the river bank.

It is no wonder, that when the going gets tough for the sonny, the sonny gets going to the daddy for help.

What does one poop say to the other poop? You smell so “Baddddd”

Have you ever wondered what the elves learn at school? The “The elf-abet”.

What does your and your twin brother have in common? You both have the same smelly fart.

There are some things about us only we can bear. Do you know what that is dear Son? Our tantrums.

Tell me what did the cow asked from the neighbour cow? “Have some milk”

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