Journalist who threatened Wriddhiman Saha is this one?

Wriddhiman Saha shared messages few days ago from a ‘respected journalist’ about threatening Saha as he refused to took his call. The message from the journalist read that since Saha did not took the call, therefore, the journalist has taken this as a humiliation and that he will not interview the cricketer in future.

Many former players came in support of the Wriddhiman Saha to reveal the name of the so called ‘respected journalist’ and now Ravi Shastri has urged BCCI president Sourav Ganguly to look into the matter.

The journalist apparently was displeased as Saha did not received the call from him. He also mentioned that it is an insult that he will not forget about it.

Virendra Sehwag, Harbhajan Singh and Parthiv Patel comes out in support of Wriddhiman Saha

The news of journalist threatening Saha has caused an uproar in the Indian cricket community and many former cricketers have showed their support to Wriddhiman Saha. Known for his unfiltered words on Twitter, Sehwag said that the mystery person is neither “respected” nor is a ‘journalist’ whereas Harbhajan has requested Saha to name the so called journalist or else the good ones will also be looked with suspicion.

Ravi Shastri even mentioned that the blackmailing is something that has been going on with Team India ‘too frequently’ and that the BCCI president needs to ‘dive in’.

Who is the journalist that threatened Wriddhiman Saha?

While we at AZ1 cannot guarantee the authenticity of the users and their claims regarding the journalist who threatened Wriddhiman Saha, the buzz on one of the pages of Twitter exposes a very prominent journalist who has worked with leading news channel and conducts his own program these days on his Youtube channel. We are pasting screenshots from Twitter to let you know his name.

In the video below, play at the 3.00 mark where the anchors are talking about the journalist. People have typed the name of that journalist in the chats

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