Kohli and Kumble did not have a conflict with each other, says Vinod Rai

In what could be termed as surprising for the cricketing fraternity, Vinod Rai who spearheaded the Committee of Administrators in 2017 has now stated that there was never an issue between former coach Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli. Kumble had stepped down from the coaching role after citing the partnership as ‘untenable’. Rai has made it clear that the younger members of the team were not comfortable with Kumble’s disciplinary style of coaching and that everything was fine between the coach and the captain.

“The only misfortune was that Kumble got a contract for only one year and I just said that CAC also reappointed to select Anil Kumble but the Kumble-Kohli issue had absolutely no issues. Nothing of this sort came to our notice.” Rai told ANI

The former COA head heaped praises for Kumble and said that he was a ‘dignified’ individual. Indian cricket was going through a crisis in 2017 and the Supreme court had announced a verdict for the IPL spot-fixing and betting cases.

Rai praised the working of the COA group and said that it worked with full transparency and were player-centric.

Two big things we did on our tenure first we got complete transparency on the board where whatever decision we took we used to post it on the website. The minutes of the CoA meeting are still there on the website and any spending of more than 25 Lakh we used to put on the website. All the BCCI things became player’s centric because earlier it never happened that after deciding their compensation package a player was consulted. We consulted the players in October 2017 we consulted them in December and decided their compensation package after consulting them, ” said Rai.

COA best achievement was bringing Rahul Dravid to NCA : Vinod Rai

Rahul Dravid was coaching the U-19 team when the COA proposed to appoint him as the director of NCA in Bangalore. Dravid agreed for it only after 2 years when it was sure that he wouldn’t have to travel outside as the academy was located in Bangalore only.

“So, he refused that time but two years later when we approached him that NCA’s post is in Bengaluru only you don’t have to travel outside then he agreed to it and see after three and four years the team has selected Rahul Dravid as a coach,” Rai told ANI

Rahul Dravid was then brought to the Indian team as the head coach, much to the efforts of Sourav Ganguly. The team is desperately looking to win an ICC tournament after 2013 under the leadership of Rohit Sharma.

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