100+ Sweet birthday wishes for little brother

A little brother is not only your brother but he is certainly your first child too. You caress him, love him, pamper him, and take all the discomfort in order to see a smile on his face. This is the intangible love of the younger brothers. They make you crazy, may make fun of you but they will always treat you as their second Dad and Mom. Their presence alone brings an array of happiness to our homes. And so, if today is his birthday, then you ought to make him happy, serene, and content with the nice birthday wishes that we have prepared for him.

You have been the apple of the eye for not only our mom, and dad, but also for our siblings. We cherish each and every moment with you dear! May you accomplish all your success beyond your wildest dreams. Tons of birthday wishes to you, dear!

When the divine wants to create a weird-looking, but altruistic, loving person, he takes into reference the DNA of my younger brother.

The world is familiar with the drama queen but my little brother is like the drama king of all times.🤣

No matter how much you will grow, you will always be like my loving child. I have nothing but love for you sweet heart!

You already have the best gift in life i.e. me therefore, I have decided not to buy anything special for you on this day.

Your smile is like the sunflower. It illuminates our lives with all the happiness, optimism and vigor in the world.

On this very day, you came screaming into this wonderful world with high pitch cries when everyone of us was rejoicing.

Sometimes it is good to be far enough because it reminds us of the values of each other and makes us grateful for having them in our lives.

I love to see you sleeping because it is that time I am actually cursing you for all the fun you make of me regularly.

We certainly must have done a great Karma in our previous lives to actually deserve to be brothers in this lifetime. I hope the divine keeps our relationship alive for eternity.

There will always be a time when consistency will demand the most of your time. Always give it the first priority. Consistency always brings in the rewards.

Sometimes we do not get what we deserve, but more than that. The Almighty sent us a cute, little guy with all the beautiful qualities like charming, handsome, wiser, and soulful. The world would be so much lovely if there would be more people like you on this planet earth.

There are very few in my life that I will whack their heads if they ever pull my legs. Don’t you smile with all full teeth dear brother, because you will certainly get a whack if you ever do that. 😆

My childhood would not have been a roller coaster ride if it was not for you my darling younger brother. You enliven all the cells and fiber of my being and I am sure there are plenty of happier moments awaiting in our lifetime. All the best dear!

It is a myth that we need to read motivational quotes to inspire ourselves. Sometimes all the motivation comes from a wild kick on our behind. What is your great opinion about dear brother!

No matter how bad a day is of mine, all the negativity and stress just wipes out of my being when I see the gorgeous face of my younger bro. Whatever your problems will ever be in life, never ever think of yourself alone.

A very warm welcome to the most handsome, talented and charming man in this world, i.e. me. And a very happy birthday to his brother.

I know I still have to marry but I have already practiced raising a cute little boy in the form of you. You remind me of the perfection from the divine. May you enjoy health, longevity, tranquility, and immense success.

I have changed so many of your diapers in your infancy that I expect you to pay me back with all the love, wine, and dine treatment, especially on your birthday. 😁

Whenever I have felt less inspired and dejected in life, I always think about you. Life somehow feels better and I am just grateful to have you.

More than you, I would like to give credits to our wonderful mom and dad for bringing you in our lives.

Closing Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed all the lovely sweet and funny wishes for your young child like brother. The brothers between sibling is always crucial for living a good, healthy life. No matter how much success or material wealth we achieve, it is important to enjoy lively, funny banter with the siblings. As usual, we will keep on adding more content to this post. If you would like to leave a message of your own, feel free to let us know through the comment section. We will not only add it, but will give you credits too. Cheers!

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