50+ Quotes of Happy birthday with Friendship

It gives me unbelievable joy and happiness to wish you a lovely happy birthday my dear friend. May you achieve everything that your heart desire. May our bond of friendship always remain alive.

There are certainly two types of people in this world. Some will deserve your tight hugs, and the others will deserve your tight kick to their behind. In both cases, give your very best. 😀

There is no doubt in my mind that the world would be nicer, cooperative and paradise if there were more friends like you. Our friendship has survived the ups and down and I guess it will grow stronger from now. Happy Birthday!

Sometimes, its only a true friend who can propel an individual to an amazing success. For me, you are that individual. May you always remain healthy, and prosperous. Happy Birthday!

We may not agree each other on many things but the wisdom of our friendship is only soaring through the roof with every passing year. I can only imagine that bright times lie ahead for both of us.

The ability to take in the criticism is not everyone’s cup of tea. I admire your courage to have only difference of opinions and differences of heart. Cheers to our friendship and a very happy birthday!

We both must have done amazing deeds in our previous life in order to have each other as friends in this one. I hope the divine keeps us friends for the next lifetimes too.

Just like the rainbow, our friendship has all the ingredients of exuberance, joy, sparkle, confrontational, and holistic view of a situation. A very happy birthday to you. May all desires come into fruition.

People say that you have to give more to receive love. But our friendship has given me immense love and respect when I really needed. It couldn’t have been possible without an understanding heart like you. Thank you for it dear and a very happy birthday to you.

Its only the blessings and umbrella of love, respect and adulation of a dear friend that can enliven the cells of our being. For me, you are that awesome friend. On this auspicious day, I wish you insane success in the coming years. May you surpass your own set of expectations.

The Inspiring ones

A strong individual does not get dejected at failures. They brush it aside and keep moving. Happy Birthday dear! Whatever failures you may receive, my friendship will always be there to keep you moving.

The divine bestowed you more talent and ability that you will ever use in this lifetime. Your greatest gift to him would be to use as much of that talent and ability in this lifetime.

Sometimes, it is only the distance that reminds us of the worth of our dear friend. We may be far apart but our hearts will always be connected with the invisible strings of love and respect.

No amount of wealth and material success can replace the intangible and fervent moments that I will have with you. Its amazing to see where our friendship has evolved.

Funny Quotes

I must say that you have been compliant to many of my leg pulling over the years. But I hope you stay the same forever my friend. 😀

I know a lot more dirty secrets about you than you do about me. And I wish this equation stays this way forever.

If there was a crime for being handsome and charming in the world, I would be roaming freely on the street. Don’t laugh my dear friend because you too would probably be there alongside me. 😀

When you pull my legs and make fun of me, all I want to do is come behind you, hug you with all my heart, followed by a wild kick to your behind. That’s one of the perks for being in a friendship.

Friendship is not there to support each other only but also to give free treats and meals from time to time. I guess we both are lucky to have each other in that regard.

Its a myth only that ageing increases wisdom. I have personally found it the other way owing to a nice friend like you. Hahah!!

It takes some skill and persistence to befriend the right people in our life. I am glad that you didn’t gave up when you were trying to woo me up.

Its so nice of Facebook and Google that provides me free birthday quotes along with friendship. Copy pasting this one to you my friend!

You may have been my friend for long but I hope that you always remain my punching bag.

It isn’t right to make jokes which makes me laugh like an idiot. I will be vengeful for that.

Sometimes, its not the motivation quotes but the kick of our dear friend that forces us to get off our *** and move into action. Thank you for those timely kicks over the years.

Its a great habit to be a couch potato at times and not always to strive for winning and competition. A skill that I am learning from you.

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