Lovely Birthday Wishes — 100+ for All

Its a vulnerable thing to express love and respect for someone. But it is also the most rewarding thing in the world. If its an occasion of birthday of your friend, relative or acquaintance, its the perfect opportunity to send them lovely birthday wishes. And that’s exactly the aim of writing this post. You will find plenty of amazing birthday wishes for those lovely people in your life. So let’s get started.

If there is an epitome of a lovely, kind hearted and altruistic individual, then you are certainly the one in my life. May the divine bestows all the lovely things upon you. Happy birthday dear and God bless you and your family!

May all your health concerns resolves by the grace of the divine. May you be hail and hearty for eternity. Happy Birthday dear!

Its the day I was waiting so desperately, not because to only wish you but to also gorge on the amazing wine and dine that you will take us out today. 😀

You are a lovely individual wrapped with immense love, kindness and altruistic nature. The world would be so much nicer, cooperative and peaceful if there were more people like you.

Its the day when you came screaming into this world where others were rejoicing your arrival. May you surpass your own expectations of success and live for thousands of years.

On this birthday, I wish you an immaculate success in your health, love life and professional life too. May you keep smiling with that glow on your face.

The placebo of believing in youthfulness has started to show its effect on you my dear. You seem to be living on a fountain of youth and deserving so since you are such a lovely individual. Happy Birthday!

Only a lovely person can find real faults in their friends and propel them to success with relentless criticism. Thank you my dear lovely. That’s what good friends are there for Isn’t it 😀 But happy birthday to you!

Sending you a bouquet of flowers, gratitude, love, exuberance and vigor. May your life be filled with amazing love, peace, serenity and tranquility. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

It is amazing how even obstacles and set backs can be nice learning curve if one has faith, love and support of our near, dear ones. So grateful to have a lovely person in my life. God bless you and happy birthday!

There are times when we may not agree on certain things. No matter what the disagreement or banter is, our hearts will always be tied with the intangible yet powerful strings of love, and respect. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

There is certainly a Karma in this world which gives us back what we send out. And you my friend, is going to be beneficiary of all the lovely things in this universe because you only bring love, positivity and smile onto others. Happy Birthday!

Its strange but every good thing in life comes at the cost of a roller coaster ride, and our friendship has survived through the thick and thin. I am sure that the future is going to be more exciting, euphoric and fulfilling for both of us. Happy Birthday sweet heart!

Nice Lovely wishes of birthday


No matter how much progress Science makes, it will never be able to measure the love which you hold in your heart for all the people in your life. You are the breath of fresh air and your smile, exuberance and vigor is simply contagious. Happy Birthday to a lovely individual.

The world may not acknowledge a heroic connotation for best friend but its presence is vital to the success in our personal and professional endeavors. You are that vital, lovely person in my life. A very happy birthday to you!

Its so nice to have lovely people in our life from whom we can borrow money and never think about returning it back. 😀 You are that nice person for me and I wish there be more lovely people like you in this world. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

Lucky are those in life who find an individual with the same wavelength and frequency. There is so much that we understand about each other without uttering a word. Needless to say, friendship with you is like oxygen. May the bond continues to thrive. Happy Birthday!

Life is a heaven owing to the presence of lovely individuals like you. The tranquility of your proximity is unparalleled and transpires me to be the very best in life. May God grants a lovely person like you to every individual.

The Almighty does not grant deserving things to lovely people. He grants them more than the deserving things 🙂 May all your desires come to fruition. I am always there by your side. Happy Birthday!

No matter how hard the journey is, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. And the Almighty certainly gives amazing rewards to lovely people like you my dear. So have faith and keep moving on. Happy Birthday!

Our friendship has evolved to a whole new level and am so proud to see you making strides in your career and personal life. I wish only the best for you my dear.

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