100+ Good morning quotes for lover

There is no greater joy in the world than to make your lover feel happy about himself/ herself. And one of the best ways to do that is by giving them heartwarming and cheerful morning quotes and wishes. Morning is an important time and an exuberant morning leads to an equally happy day. So we have prepared lots of joyous, happy, sexy, and special morning quotes that will bring a warm smile to your lover.

Wakey Darling! The sun is shining bright and the birds are chirping with all their might as if to wish you a happy good morning because it is a fabulous morning.

I know every morning of mine is going to be amazing and fabulous because I always wake up thinking about you.

No matter how far we are. My good wishes, desires, and sensual thoughts for you will transcend space and time. May the day be nice on you my dear handsome. Lots of love and sweet morning kisses.

Some things cannot be expressed in words. They can only be felt deeply, like your arms around my shoulder. May every individual gets a lover like you.

No matter how stressful the day is, waking up with your thoughts and imagination wipes out every tiredness from my cells. May I have coffee in the morning with you, explore the places with your hands on my shoulders and I will be grateful for the rest of my life.

Good dreams in small doses rejuvenate us deeply. So my darling, wake up from slumber and enjoy your day because I will be returning to your dreams at night.

When you have your lovely breakfast, imagine me by your side and having it too because I can’t imagine a second without you.

Hurry up and wake up. The happiness of today is waiting to shower upon you and the day is waiting to see your charm and charisma.

Some mornings are hard to wake up when one has a lover like you ruling their dreams all night.

I cannot wait for the days that I wake up beside you. So that I can behold your lovely face in my sweet arms and give you cuddles like never before.

Every day is a fabulous day when one has a partner like mine.

Rise up and stretch your legs. Make a yawn and remember my name. May this morning propels you to work hard. May you always surpass your own expectations.

Ever since you have come into my life, every morning has been a great morning. May it be the same for you my love!

Whenever I wake, my pillow is right into my arms. I admire it thinking of it as you. Love you to the moon and back.

Good Morning my bundle of joy. Your mere thought enlivens the cells of my being and I wish the day goes well for you.

When you go out and see the sun today, imagine it as if I am staring your gorgeous face with all my might.

I know that you will be tired this morning. You know why? Because you were running all night in my dreams. Love you baby.

My every morning starts with your thought and my every night ends with dreams of both of us.

May your today be better than tomorrow. May your future be brighter than the expectations of yourselves. A very good morning!

Every morning brings a ray of light that illuminates the darkness and sorrows of the previous night. I wish your day goes full of exuberance and joy.

Sexy Lover Morning quotes

My lover, my partner in crime, My James Bond! You are the epitome of a sensual lover who rules my heart and my lovely assets.

There is no inch of my body that does not crave your touch, your sensual smell, and those soul staring eyes that makes me feel naked and beautiful.

Every morning reminds me of your sweet kisses. Every morning reminds me of your touch and love bites. May you remain in my hugs for eternity. May you always stay young with your charm and charisma.

May our romance blossoms even more. May our hugs be tighter with every passing day. May your little brother (down below) remains rock hard every day!

May every night of us bring more screaming pleasure, more orgasms, and infinite ecstasy. Happy sweet morning my lover. You rule my heart and mind.

Lover morning quotes to make her feel special

Hey, sexy! It’s the day when thousands of guys will think about you today. They would wish to be by your side and feel your charming and enthusiasm. But there would be no one like me who would get your juices flowing. Good Morning gorgeous!

Wakey-Wakey darling! The sun has come out and the night has done its job of giving you the beauty sleep. May your day be as beautiful as you are.

The days may be difficult, the hardships may feel out of reach but my shoulders will always be there to bear your tough times. May you start and end your day on a high. Happy Morning dear!

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