Michael Vaughan backs Justin Langer to be England’s coach

The fate of coach Justin Langer could be decided within few hours of publishing this post. The ECB has already handed out the punishments to Ashley Giles, Chris Silverwood and Graham Thorpe and reports strongly suggest that the fate of Langer isn’t going to be different either.

But Michael Vaughan believes that Australia could be doing a great mistake if they let go of Langer as the grass is not always greener on the other side.

“Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. They may soon discover the grass is not greener without Langer.  said Vaughan

While Langer may have solidify his coaching CV with T20 World cup victory and 4 – 0 Ashes demolition, reports suggest that the bond is almost untenable between Australia’s senior players and Langer who did toned down his hyper-competitive pressure environment and micro-management, something which Australian players complained of after India won the decider last year at the Gabba fortress.

Vaughan did not minced his words when he suggest ECB to sign Langer, if Australia of course choose to move on from him.

“My personal wish is for England to keep a close eye on events in Australia on Friday and act quickly if Justin Langer leaves his role,” wrote Vaughan in his telegraph column.

There are plenty of contentions for England’s coach but Vaughan believes that Langer’s fiery and hyper-competitive environment could be a good kick to the English players who have become too “cosy”.

“If that is the case then I do not see any one else better suited than Langer to crack heads together and bring some tough management to a group of England players who have become too cosy recently.” said Vaughan.

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