Micheal Vaughan opines PSL 2nd best T20 league, says not far off from IPL

Former England cricketer Michael Vaughan, who doesn’t stay away too long without expressing his opinion stated that PSL is the 2nd best T20 league in the world right now. While the opinion didn’t appeared too far from reality, what followed was, did when Vaughan stated that the PSL league is not far away from the IPL.

The total PSL TV rights including of overseas have been sold in millions whereas the IPL new franchise have costed over a billions. Pakistan Cricket Board have managed to grab near 50 million USD dollars from the TV rights alone whereas IPL TV rights are somewhere near 500 million USD.

After the IPL came started in 2008, many other T20 leagues came into existence. PSL was launched in September 2015 with five teams and the league has grown over the years in terms of both viewership and quality matches. In the earlier seasons, the league had to be hosted in UAE as the foreign players were unwilling to travel Pakistan.

There is no doubt that PSL has given some quality fast bowlers to Pakistan Cricket Team and that several former cricketers have praised the level of bowling quality in PSL. The seventh season is currently going on in Karachi and Lahore.

Whenever there is a cricket comparison in India and Pakistan, fans from both sides of the border jump on to state why their side of cricket is better than of the other country. Seeing Vaughan’s tweet, Indian fans stated the viewership rights of the IPL is far greater than of PSL whereas Pakistani fans stated the the quality of cricket is higher in PSL than in IPL.

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