Misbah tells Shoaib that he valued his friendship more than the ‘hurtful’ criticism

Image Source : – Shoaib Akhtar Youtube Channel

In what could only be termed as hilarious but heartwarming scenario, Shoaib Akhtar invited Misbah Ul Haq on his Youtube channel, the same person who he criticized in a very harsh manner when Misbah was in his playing days. The starting of the video was hilarious as the old audio recordings were played where Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Yousuf could be heard bashing the former captain of Pakistan for his “cowardly” captaincy and late onslaught.

Shoaib Akhtar asked Misbah Ul Haq about he felt when he and Yousuf teared apart him for his performances and captaincy back in the playing days.

“Criticism hurts a lot, especially when it is done by the people who have played alongside me but I always valued the friendship and good times we have spend together more than the criticism of yours which was hurtful. With who so ever I have played or have spent time, I have always believed in not giving a reply to criticism” Misbah replied.

I was Christian but never felt a different treatment in the Pakistan dressing room because of that : Mohammad Yousuf

Mohammad Yousuf converted from Christianity to Muslim. His earlier name was Yousuf Youhana. He was also present alongside Shoaib Akhtar and Misbah Ul Haq and Shoaib asked him whether he felt a different treatment from the boys because of his religion.

“No, never I have faced ill-treatment in Pakistan playing set up. The place where I used to live, we were the only Christian and the rest were all Muslims. Never had an issue regarding religion. I still have friends from the place where I used to live earlier. Good and bad people are everywhere but this talk of Christian getting ill-treatment from Pakistan is something which I have not seen.”

It was around December 2019 when Shoaib revealed that Danesh Kaneria, who is only the second Hindu who has represented Pakistan, was treated unfairly by the Pakistani team-mates for his religion.

I wasn’t good playing the fast-bowlers which is why I didn’t batted at the top : Misbah Ul Haq

There have been infinite scenarios where critics had wanted Misbah to bat at the top order, at no.3 position. However, Misbah always batted at the middle order. Shoaib asked for an honest reason for it, to which Misbah replied “Opinion of others could be different but I had to play according to my strength and abilities. I knew that I was more effective playing at no.5. I wasn’t like Mohammad Yousuf and Inzimam Ul Haq who played the fast bowlers better. I tested myself at the top order but knew that there were better players than me and I knew that I was good at playing spin.”

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