Mom Funny Happy Birthday Wishes – From Son & Daughter 100+

Cheers to the mommies for everything they do for us. Right from conceiving, giving birth to raising up, they sacrifice a lot for our happiness. And when their birthday comes, the least we can do is to give her funny Birthday wishes for Mom which are also heartwarming, cheerful, and thoughtful. And if you are looking for such wishes, then you will surely find plenty of them in this post.

Mom Funny Birthday Wish

The secret of dad’s vitality lies with the beauty and charm of my mother. May you always be like that. A very happy birthday to Mommy!

There are times when I feel like going over the top and having an extra-confidence. I can’t blame it because my mother has it too.

It is amazing to see that despite so many years of marriage, dad still eyes you from every corner of the house. Of course, I wouldn’t blame him because you are still so gorgeous. I wish I will be like that also in the later years. Happy Birthday, Mother!

Dear Mother! The time has now come to really tell me the secret diet that gives you the glow even at this age.

I earned my good looks from my mommy. I also learned from her to be a shopaholic. Thanks for that too mommy!

The world would be so much peaceful, thriving, and supportive if there would be more women like my mother. May every family has a mother like you. Happy Birthday!

The best birthday gift for any mother is to have her hubby sent away on vacation for a few days. Happy birthday to her!

The best guide to control a husband after marriage is ingrained in my mother. May I get to learn everything from it before I marry.

It takes some amazing effort to stay in shape after popping out a couple of weird children like us.

Dear Mom! Thanks for taking my side on many occasions when you knew that I was wrong. May this mother-son duo partnership always go on for eternity.

With all the passing years, you have become more tolerant or I should say that we have become wiser to know that you have been always right. Happy Birthday, mumma! Lots of love!

I was looking to buy a perfect gift for you but then I realized you already have one in the form of me. I hope you will always cherish the beautiful possession you have in the form of me. Happy Birthday.

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